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November 18, 2005


Clayton Counts

Nice roundup here. There oughta be a Ray Kroc remix album... that guy's voice is hilarious. Also, MDC have a track called "Corporate Deathburger" on their record Millions of Dead Cops. Well worth a listen.

"Ronald laughs as millions starve
And profits forever increase
You're stenching farts as they smile
And they say they try to please
Plastic chairs and fake shakes
To help it all go down
Polluting your children with their lies
And trying to destroy your mind

Corporate Deathburger -- Ronald McDonald
Corporate Deathburger -- Ronald McDonald

Change from your five, ankles deep in blood
Make it your career, sell billions every year
Golden arches and Ronald smiles
Golden arches and Ronald smiles

Ronald laughs as billions starve
And profits forever increase
Feeding all your grain to cows
Dead children rest in peace
The stench of humans rotting
Smells just like Fish Fillet
Your sign neglects to mention
Fifty-thousand starved today

Corporate Deathburger -- Ronald McDonald
Corporate Deathburger -- Ronald McDonald

Change from your five
Torture camps for cows
Slaughter and starvation from Death Corporation

You say you're Christians but you're all fake
Multinationals on the take
Starving children deserve a break today"

Station Manager Ken

Great post, Fatty. It brings back my own high school fast food sexploits. Thought you might like this as well, especially since one of the fake McDonalds signs is "Do you really need another cheeseburer, Fatty?"

The Great McDonalds Sign Prank.


Don't forget this cut-up album, "Happy Meal" by The Hamburglars:


It's got at least a few Ray Kroc samples on it. His rasp is only second to Tom Carvel's "voice," which sounds like he's gargling his lungs.

fatty jubbo

I would die for a stockpile of Tom Carvel commercials.

LUKEY from ozz

THANK YOU FATTY ....thank you


Never trust on Ronald McDonal's!
Watch to my new video here: [link]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u6L6zS1zsk[/link]

Alternative link: [link]http://dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/133780/index.php[/link]


thanks 4 the music:D


thanks so much for adding the peggy lee song :)


Peggy Lee Official & Complete Picture Sleeve Discography http://www.discoogle.com/wiki/Lee%2C_Peggy_Discography
Nice Work

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