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December 12, 2005



I'm familiar with the FM potato antenna, and wondering is there is a similarly user-serviceable equivalent for AM. Does anyone know something I can throw together using materials already around my apartment that will provide an AM signal boost? I know there are commercially available antennas, but I'm cheap.

Henry Lowengard

I used to tune in to WCBS 88 from Hartford when I was a kid, and I never needed to look at the dial becasue of the pitch of the underlying whine that came through the crappy radio. That and the voice of Myra Waldo or the fellow hawking Gramercy Park Clothes (64 W23rd st).
Stay tuned!



Loop antennas can be made very cheaply and can be very effective, whether you connect them directly to your radio or simply place them near a radio that contains a ferrite loop antenna built-in. There are a ton of different designs. Here are a few to get you started, but Googling "homebrew loop antenna" should find a lot more if this doesn't cover what you want.

HCDX Loop Antenna Index
Homebrew Box Loop Antenna
Hula Loop
Inductively Coupled Loop Antenna (made with picture frame)
Australian 1 meter Loop Antenna
Minnesota DX Club Loop Antenna page
Hoop Loop (embroidery hoop)

Account Deleted

Sad thing is that you're about to reach KVOO, but because it was a north-south clear channel you won't pick it up in NYC. All the better, since it's tossed aside its storied history to become conservative yes-radio KFAQ.

The Professor

DW, I think I'd need to be a little further west to pull in that one. WWVA out of West Virginia seems to own that frequency (1170) at night here on the east coast.

Account Deleted

Too bad WWVA is in the way.

The Tulsa TV folks have an entire page of KVOO ephemera:

Webster Hubble Telescope

Would you rather have these relatively few clear channels blanketing the country or allowing more low-power stations to broadcast at night?

The fact that some of these things broadcast infomercials is absolutely heinous.


Even better, I find, than Radio Locator is It requires some understanding of Romance languages, as it's all in Portuguese, but not only does it seem to have a larger set of listings than Radio Locator, it also lists worldwide streamable TV stations, as well.

Milton Kamen

TO: Henry Lowengard
Re: Gramercy Park Clothes, 64 W. 23rd St. NYC WABC at night: $5 for 60 seconds!

I was the guy "hawking." My commercials must have been damn good for you to remember them from 1977! Actually, I owned the company, wrote the commercials, spoke them on the air. Thanks for the memory.

Milt Kamen

Cliff Saxton

This afternoon my wife and I were talking about Gramercy Park Clothes, and I found Milton Kamen's listing. Question for him: Weren't two of your salesmen as mentioned in the commercials "Bella The Fella" and "Rosie With The Cigar"? What became of them...and of your business? Obviously, your commercials were, indeed, memorable. I even visited your store once on a trip from Connecticut.

Milton Kamen

To: Cliff Saxton
How did you remember radio commercials from 30 years ago!
Yes, Rosie with the cigar and Bella the fella and Tony no balony and Alabama Charley were part of the sales force...long since gone. The Big Iron Gate is no more.
Actually in or about 1990 I opened a women's store in West Hartford with everything in the store selling at $8. That developed into a flock of stores but radio advertising didn't fit into the marketing program so I couldn't have fun. Never liked the rag business anyway.
Thank you for remembering my "Gramercy Park Clothes factory outlet" and the radio commercials that made it successful. Very, very fond memories for me.
Be well.
Milton Kamen


For Milton Kamen:

I loved your Gramercy Park Commercials! In fact, I memorized one (as best I could, without pencil and paper, while driving in and out of Manhattan) -- "Men who are doctors, lawyers, eyeglass wearers..."

Is it possible to get a digital audio copy of this commercial? I wold LOVE to have it for my collection.

Please contact me, Milton. Thank you!

John Talbott
[email protected]
Marietta, GA

p.s. "And in these days of cockeyed prices, Gramercy Park is an eye-opener!"

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