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December 27, 2005



Sweet. I didn't think anybody but me still listened to shortwave. The Christian propaganda stations were, I have to say, playing some lovely Christmas music, anyway.

nh dave

Loving these posts professor. It is funny, I drove to my grandmothers in way way way upstate NY (from NH) and other than spinning through the dials hoping to find something good like every other year, I brought along my laptop. I am blessed (or cursed) with a job that requires me to have internet access all the time. So I have a cell modem, basically a cell phone for the computer.

Amazingly enough I listened to Doug and Monica on friday during the entire 6 hour drive. Lost my connection twice but the 40k ogg stream sure did sound great.

So it is kinda the inverse of what you are doing, while driving across a bunch of states (where I could have enjoyed the local 'color') I carried live FMU with me.

Would get XM or Sirus in a heartbeat if they had FMU. I am an ex-NY'er and really miss being able to listen to FMU over the air.

But keep up the posts! There sure are some strange stations out there to enjoy. My local right wing talk channel was playing some piped in Disney 'christmas around the world' horrible show on christmas day... Ugh...


Alex Pym

Bravo... excellent post! I would of slammed Radio Habana Cuba for their propaganda. Remember it was Cuban government that shot down AMERICAN planes. The US government may have animosity but the Cuban government has hate!


Well, a Soviet controlled Cuban government operating Soviet built SAMs run by the Soviets, targetting a non-Soviet spy plane...

ANYWAYS...shortwave is a real jungle, but I must say it is not as fun as it used to be. The propaganda now is too religious, although there still are some Cold War tensions out there.

Some of the interesting shortwave artifacts are now gone (or almost). Some were just plain annoying, like the Soviet OTH (over the horizon) radars, but some were cool, like listening in on some of the jamming stations swoop down on a broadcast like a bunch of hyenas.



Please keep these coming!!!

listener colin in Toronto

Thanks for the post and the mp3s. When I was a kid my older cousin had a shortwave and I remember joining him as he tuning in these strange voices from faraway lands. The only program I can actually recall was one of readings of Marx or other manifestos that were completely over my head at the time, but to know that someone in a booth around the world was reading for our enjoyment (?) was thrilling for a ten year old. It would ignite daydreams of James Bond/From Russia WIth Love scenerios.

Tim McDonough

I received a shortwave receiver for Christmas and I must say I'm kind of disappointed. Even late at night I get mostly the Christian stuff or Spanish language stations.

Dale Hazelton

I agree that shortwave has gotten pretty boring. I basically listen to WBCQ out of Maine or the ham operators doing their morning or evening nets on lower sideband. I LOVE the spin that Raidio Habana Cuba puts on American of my favorites was their coverage of Janet Reno's "kidnapping of Elian Gozalez". You gotta love this stuff. I like to scan the band with an old Telefunken Bajazzo for activity, then listen with a Grundig Satellit 700. It bores my wife to tears. Is "Bamboo Pipes and Jade Bells" still on Radio Taipei?

jacob shank

I love to listen to shortwave radio! I think it's just as facinating as it was in the 80's! I hope shortwave stays around for a long time.

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