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December 08, 2005


Jim Szeles

Benjamin and Kevin Stone are not the same person. Benjamin sold the web site to Kevin Stone several years ago. I did get a chance to see Benjamin's show at the Howard Johnson’s room in Vegas and found it to be very funny. As far as his show failing it did not, he didn't want to spend the time or money it took to build the show.
There have been over six other stage hypnotist who have open and closed in Vegas the last several years and most have been very funny but I feel Vegas is not the right place for a hypnosis show with so much other entertainment going on that people can not see any place else other then Vegas.

James Szeles

Kenzo ( /

Here's the old Kevin Stone web site from over 4 years ago.

- Kenzo

Hypnosis CD and MP3 downloads

.., hypnosis has gone along way in the market.. nice to know that people can even learn hypnosis even through the video...

How To Hypnotise

Kevin Stone and Benjamin are not the same person.


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