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December 06, 2005



Yeah,for years (20 and counting) I being hardcore fan of the group. I saw Aviador Dro live at concert this spring in Tijuana, Mexico and they burn the house down.
You make my day with this post.


Aviador Dro is one of the best bands in the Spanish 'movida', that is, in the explosion of creativity which followed Franco's death. It was an interesting time, with Psychic TV playing live in the state TV and that kind of crazy things. I recommend Aviador Dro's 'Selector de frecuencias', a techno hymn from those years.

Omega Point Records

Our record label just released a "Greatest Hits" for Aviador Dro here in the states. Check it out:


In group Aviador Dro music there is a Spanish colour and the European melody. Their music is pleasant to me more than English and American SynthPop.My Favorites songs are El Color De Tus Ojos Al Bailar, Baila La Guerra, Selector de frecuencias (vocal and Instrumental)


Aviador Dro,Once I fell asleep listening to their music.Dreamnt Amelia Earhart was knocking at my front door.When I went to answer the knock,to let her in.Instead of the lost women,was a huge retina with a density in brown .

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