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December 01, 2005


Blind Uncle Gaspard

The Worm Is Not A Human Being from My Yiddisha Monster
seems not to want to download.

Any ideas of the problem?


My Yiddisha Monster=brilliant
but then Young Frankenstein is my fave movie perhaps

fatty jubbo

this was one of my favorite shows growing up listening tp FMU. I still have a few episodes on cassette somewhere. thank you.

Ration Lanager Ken

Thanks Uncle Gaspard, i fixed that link.


The Cockroach of Del Monte

I'm not a mold school listener, but I've craved this release every since Scott and Kenny G played cuts (Everything's Falling Down and God respectively) from it. Smiles!

Mark L

Wonderful. One of the many reasons I love WFMU is finding stuff like this. Anyone got any full shows for download, mp3 stylee?


Absolutely my favorite tracks. Found them here back in '05... still listening to them to this day.

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