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December 02, 2005



ah, they used to play that little gem on CHOM FM in Montreal in 1974.

L'Angelo Mysterioso

This National Lampoon track is not a parody of a 1979 interview; it was made in the early 1970's as a parody of the song "God" off the Plastic Ono Band album (1970). That's where John declared "I don't believe in Beatles" and "The dream is over" (spoken by the faux-Yoko in the parody).


The song is funny enough, but what still makes me howl is the fact that most of the lyrics of the song were taken from the interview that John & Yoko did in ROLLING STONE when the eponoymous Plastic Ono Band was released

raymond jones

Attention all Beatle lovers and rock historians:

For an outrageous scandal check out - then click 'variety show-McCartney
Reveals...' and get ready for a bucket of ice water in the face. It's safe for the whole family, but...shocking.

This one's worth investigating (although you may
want to listen somewhere you feel comfortable crying
out loud).

Or, as McCartney himself said, "you only give me your
funny paper".

Peace & Loov.

Raymond Jones

Matt Love

The blogger got the date wrong. During the interviews Lennon did close to the end of his life, Lennon had mellowed considerably, and repudiated a lot of what he had said earlier as lies he told to be hurtful to people. But many of these lyrics were taken verbatim from an interview he did with Rolling Stone during his hurtful phase. The guy who did the recording (he played the manager in Spinal Tap) did a brilliant job - though he was fearful that the cult of Lennon, strong even in the early 70s - would have it in for him for doing such a brilliant job. It made it all the worse because it was all true. As with seditious libel, the fact it was true is no defense, in fact, it compounds the crime. And seditious libel was still a crime around the time of this recording, if I recall! Now they don't bother with legal technicalities, they just torture you. WWJLD (What would John Lennon Do?) if he were alive today?

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