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December 11, 2005


Kim Cooper

Falling James reviews October's Los Angeles Germs reunion show on the Lost in the Grooves blog (linked at my name). Excerpt:
"West tried too hard, when more mystery would have sufficed. Perhaps he’ll settle down with experience. He kept throwing beer bottles into the packed crowd like some insecure dude with unresolved issues at his first punk gig – a lawsuit waiting to happen. After dodging several errant bottles, I got hit by one I couldn’t see coming out of the lights. It glanced off my leg, even though I was standing in the back of the club -- luckily, it didn’t break. A small but very angry punkette, looking harmless with a cute early-’60s blonde hairdo and wearing a white t-shirt, dark puffy short skirt, black boots and fishnet stockings, picked up the empty bottles and hurled them with great intensity at the actor, nearly striking him several times. The rest of the band should seriously consider giving West a shorter leash... or a script."

mike jones

the germs was then and this is now. let us just remember the great bands as they were, none of this rehashing PUHLEEEEZE.


To paraphrase now-forgotten Democratic candidate Lloyd Bentsen:

Shane West, we served with Darby Crash...we knew Darby Crash...Shane West, you're no Darby Crash.

fatty jubbo

I was never much for the Germs aside from their genius single "forming"...but this reunion seems to be in the "fuck it" nihilistic spirit of the Germs. All people involved have moved on to bigger things and have been productive in the past 20 years (well..I'm not quite sure what Lorna Doom has been doing). The fact that they got that ridiculous pretty boy to play the Darby Crash trainwreck is funny.

maybe I never really "got" the Germs...they just seemed kinda generic and I never really saw the charm of Darby Crash. Flipper and Nervous Gender seemed more to embody the west coast punk nihilism of the day.

I'm sure the movie will be dreadful and completely unwatchable.

Mike Lupica

Re: punk reunions deemed inappropriate by the masses. Mark my words: The Ramones will rise again. THE RAMONES WILL RISE AGAIN! Two bassists and two drummers kicking around and no reunion tour plans? Lazy is what I call it.


fuck fuck shane west i'll kick his pertty boy's ass. hey wake up pat he's not darby crash...he's a boy that like's to suck mandy mores cock.bitch i fuck him up..its worth going to prison.


you fuckjng idiots. do you think you know more about darby than the rest of the band? shane is doing a great job and just having fun with the oppertunity of a life time, dont be jealous becouse you didnt make it. he is paying tribute, thats all. fuck all of you stuck up new york assholes, you never understood the germs anyway

Darby killer

The whole thing is a embarrassment..............please stop!


cant wait to see the movie and germs 2.0 on tour all over the world – especially in hamburg, germany!



Power Chord Punk

Does anyone know if there are any bootlegs of this preformance on the internet anywhere? Because i would really like to see one, or hear one.


Kelsey I agree with you...
I live in Europe...I´m 42 years old...and my english is not perfet...
But I always love the Germs...
And I think shane is doing a great job !
Some people never understood The Germs...but love to be rude!
They dont like Shane anyway because they think Shane made A Walk To Remember `s movie...a romantic movie...
Well...Shane is a Great actor...and an actor can do distinct and different characters:
ugly...beautiful...bad...good...stupid...etc etc etc
A great actor can do everything...
Stop and wait...we dont see the movie yet...Some people are so rude!They are not the WORLD!!! They are so jealous people!

I think they never understand The Germs...and a good acting!!!

Mike Y

Power Chord Punk, I am looking for any live recordings of these shows too, and so far i could not find any on the web.


I saw them with Suicidal Tendecies, Fear and Flipper at the Olympic in LA, a place I saw alot of bands in the 80s, back in Oct... He did a great job, he sounded good, and it was great seeing Pat, Lorna and Don. I look forward to the movie.


I am also looking for any new Germs audio/video. I know there is a Germs DVD coming out from the show at the Vault in Long Beach. But I rather not wait for that. Someone had to of recorded one of their recent shows. If anyone has anything. Email me at [email protected]
I have plenty of rare shit to trade for it


Saw the movie, Shane West has already won two awards for his performance, and the Director did well with the chemistry between the band members. But just in case you're interested in seeing the film, it opens in New York on Aug. 8th at the Sunshine Theater, and the Germs will be playing that night at The Blender in NYC. Aug 15, the film will play the Music Box Theater in Chicago, IL. And a week later, the film will open in L.A. (Nuart Theater), Irvine, CA (Edwards Univesity Town Center 6), and Boston, MA (Kendall Square Cinema). Live Shows from the band at the Nuart 8/22 & 8/23. Cheers.



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Henry Warfield

I saw the film, it opened last week in NewYork and will be playing in Chicago at the MusicBox this weekend starting 8/15.


Fuck Shane West! I saw the film in NY and that dude's teeth are so fucked up I don't know how he got a job on ER. I wish I had gone to a show. Let that jerk throw a beer bottle at me. I sling it back and knock his candy ass out!

Crashing on Beahm

What a bunch of crap! How could anyone portray the life of Darby Crash!?

lexicon devil

Don't you guys get it?? This is what Darby would have wanted. He wanted to be famous and he didn't give a fuck what people thought.

Now more people are going to know about Darby and the Germs don't give a fuck what people think!!

Henry Warfield

Darby wouldn't have wanted this. You're a moron.

Silver Lining

David Arquette would have made a better Darby Crash.

lexicon devil

If any of you guys have even SEEN THE MOVIE you would know that Shane West does a damn good job.

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