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December 08, 2005


scott in tokyo

I just finished listening to that gorkeys zycotic minkey from Storks show again. The 6th time in a row.

What an amazing band.

Krys O.

R. Shteevie Moore played on the Stork Club back in 1997.

Brian Turner

I put on a Frogs instore once, the AC was busted and it was like 105 degrees. Dennis still wore his giant fur suit. One of the greatest American bands.

So, was it ever made clear whether indeed one of the Frogs dumped all that extremo porn onto the desktop of a staffer while they were hanging out here?

Jeff T

In What About Me: The Rise Of The Nihilist Spasm Band I'm pretty sure the WFMU scene is on Stork's show.

Jean Smith

2 Foot Flame played Live at the Stork Club in 1997 (I think). That was our Austin to Boston tour -- Peter Jefferies played drums and keyboard at the same time and I (Jean Smith) sang and played guitar (ya, at the same time). Irene engineered the show and one of the songs went on a WFMU comp. That song is up on

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