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December 01, 2005


Mike Lupica

Two nights ago, I was home, working online, and drinking a lot of Guinness while iTunes shuffled random MP3s in the background. After a few hours, I realized I'd had too much Guinness and was a little bit drunk. That's when the Wayne Butane MP3 rolled into rotation. Short version: NEVER, EVER get drunk and listen to Wayne Butane MP3s. You will feel guilty for laughing so hard.

just john

My nominee for Most Depressing Xmas Song Ever is still "Cut My Friend Down" from A lot of People Would Like to See Armand Schaubroeck ... Dead. It's a true story about a guy in the next cell -- there for consentual but underage sex -- who hung himself on "the same damned day that Jesus was born." (When searching for the right spelling of "Schaubroeck" a minute ago, I found this site: )

Myself, I did a non-vocal track titled Sleeping Thru Xmas, which can be found by clicking on my name and following links to my mp3 sites, I suspect.


Wow, that Stanford mp3 totally kills. Who needs "Tusk"?


Re: Worst Audition Ever
There's actually a pristene sounding version of this on Jeff McDonald's Redd Kross podcast site. The guy playing guitar on it is Robert Hecker, who used to be the lead guitarist in Redd Kross. The sound quality only makes it more painful to listen to. (episode 5, "Ted", is the one)

Marq Ramzir

As Christmas approaches I always pull out a poorly recorded (off WFMU) cassette of D'ANSE COMBEAUX. He sings the chrsitmas standards with a bad french accent to a rhumba beat. It would be great if the MP3s of these songs (there's only about 8 to 10) could be added to FMU's blog. I've turned a few freinds on to D'anse and he's become a part of their Christmas Tradition as well. If only we could get clean versions.

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