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December 26, 2005



(firstly I hope you are not offended by the length of this comment, I am not trying to 'outdo' you. secondly I am glad things sort of worked out for you and thirdly here is something that happened to me during this most recent largest propaganda campaign in human history)

I was similarly lucky this year. Early this month a court notice informed me that I never paid the October rent. I send a money order because my former roomate bounced a check and that's all they will accept. I used to send the rent regular first class mail, then the post office lost the rent one month. From that point on I brought it to the landlods office in person. This was great until I ran out of PTO time. Once that happened I started sending it certified mail, return receipt requested.
So when I heard the rent was lost I went to the post office with my receipt (the cash receipt, I never got the little green card).
The fellow at the post office was kind enough to print out a scanned image of the signature and waive the usual 6 dollars.
So anyway it turns out someone from the landlord's office signed for it and then lost it somewhere.
I was able to scrape together the October and December rent, sans late charges. With the receipt for the money order I went to the bank it was purchased at.
Sure enough it had never been deposited anywhere. This is where it gets good. The woman at the counter, and this is a Washington Mutual which is basically an atm with baristas, tells me I can get a refund-in 12 weeks! My response was a very Bob Denveresque falsetto "12 weeks!?!?" The teller I was dealing with, a stern sort of woman on the surface took pity on me and told me I could get it in a week and to look for it in my account. So a week later, on Thursday the 15th, I checked for the money and it wasn't there. So the next day, and all of this running to the post office, bank, and landlord's office is on time I had to make up, I stopped in at the bank, waited patiently in line and did my best not to be the "angry white male." When I got to the frot of the line I politely told the teller, the same woman, that I didn't see the money in my account and I was wondering when it would be there. She told me no problem she just had to fill out some forms and make a call.
She did this and before I left the place the money was back in my account. This was nothing short of an enormous act of kindness on her part and she was clearly taking a risk on my honesty. I felt so happy, I was literally dopey on dopamine (well probably more like silly on serotonin but it does not rhyme).
So I was able to go out and buy presents, largely because I lack the kind of creative talents you speak of in your posting, and didn't have to use laundry quarters for bus fare that week.

So in future I think I will rent an armored car to deliver the rent.


Though it was a tad bit amuzing that the PORK ROAST went awry for Chanukkah, since Chanukkah is a Biblical holiday of the Jewish and Torah-observant culture which observes kasruth (a.k.a. Kosher) and pork therefore being declared by God as an unclean animal. Coincidence? Anyway...
Chag Sameach! (Good Holiday)
from a non-jewish Torah-obervant believer in Yeshua (Jesus)

Janey Yonkers

Bronwyn said on the air once that Sluggo's family served shrimp at a bar mitzvah, so I guess they're not too kosher.
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Good Yule to all.


Actually, I believe the quote is "eternity is two people and a ham", but regardless yours sounds like the holiday I yearn for. Happy New Year!

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