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December 16, 2005


Lonnie Bruner

That is the most insane video I've seen in like three months. Thanks for making my Sunday morning.


ec brown

Britain's Alan Clarke made a film "The Firm" 1988 where Gary Oldman leads a gang of soccer hooligans, but has amibitions for uniting with another gang to create a national coalition.

Rufus J.

Your analogy to Roman armies is spot-on, Ken. Maybe "Spartak" is Russian for "Spartacus," 'cause that's what came to my mind.


Aren't we all animals... I've seen that photo of the little finger boy -bless him- before! He is a young Feyenoord fan. Feyenoord is a soccerclub in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
The picture made it to the newspapers here.


The main reasons Americans don't have brawls after games, is because they are all scared pussies, who only show "braveness" when they're in a super modern tank or a Stealth Bomber, attacking innocent countries.


Nah, European soccer fans are the real pussies, or I shall say western Europeans in general. Yeah, it takes real balls to sit back and let 250,000 people die in the Bosnia-Serb "incident", while the Danes were the only real men out there actually trying to stop the slaughter.

Anyhoo, one of the many reasons why American sports fan don't riot on the same level as the Europeans is 1) police have guns and 90% of them have never fired a gun in their career and just waiting for any excuse to shoot any idiot 2) Americans have guns and will not tolerate hooliganism and finally 3) most sports fan know it is just a game.


this picture of this one kid fliping people is freaking great it is so cool i seet it aas my bakroung

omggg thats sooo cute!!!!

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