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December 02, 2005


Dave the Spazz

Brooklyn born Robert Smith was a huge fan of the Kat Man. He interned for Stiles and fetched him his necessary coffee and danish during shifts. Smith eventually moved to Mexico and made broadcast history when he DJ'ed on XERB border radio as Wolfman Jack.

Tony Competiello's nephew

Danny Stiles was a great friend to my uncle Tony who would go out with him and Franky Costanza to Gillys and the Red Blazer. I only heard stories of how much fun they had in those days. I feel like I made a connection with my uncle and his past when I discovered that Danny was still around the radio. I would love to talk with him and share some of the pictures and things my uncle left for me when we lost him suddenly in 1999. If anyone knows how I can contact him I would appreciate it. I have some great picture of Joe Barrone and Lillian Carol also Eddie Chamblee who was Dina Washingtons Husband. Eddie gave me my first saxaphone when I was 13 (now 42) I have a love for the music of their generation because of them. I also have tons of old Danny Stiles radio broadcast tapes from the WEVD days. Please let him know and he can contact me any time at 631-889-2229.
Glen Annarumma

Robert Busse

I have been listening to Danny for years but cant get him since I moved to eastern,Penn. I still have some of the tapes I made when he was on sat afternoons,on wnyc,I think,was glad I found this site.

Stephen Folkson

This man is the greatest, and probably the last of his genre.I listen to him every Saturday night on WNYC and love every minute
of it. My mother (long gone) was a great fan of his on WEVD, but
I was too young to appreciate it. He plays stuff that just isn't
heard anymore. My two favorites are 'She Lost it at the Astor."
and "Mr.Siegel Make it Legal,

This guy is absolutely the greatest and probably the last of his
kind in the United States. I listen to him every Saturday night
to hear songs that make sense. My mother (long gone) used to
listen to him on WEVD, but I was too young to appreciate what
he was doing. Of all the stuff he plays, ny favorites are
"She Lost it at the Astor," and "Mr.Siegel make it Legal, by
the great Sophie Tucker. The two hour show goes by so quickly
and I wish there was more. In addition to being a font of
knowledge about the music business, he is truly a mensch.

paul and jean

We are concerned about Danny. He has been off the air - at least we have not been able to find him? - for what seems like weeks now. He was on three different stations in our area (New York on east coast of U.S.) and we listened to him continuously. The music, at least from the 60s and 70s that he sometimes played, was not to our taste as old people (we really enjoyed from the 20s and 30s) but his commercials, we loved them. Just to hear the man speak. If he never played any records at all, just talked into the microphone about anything that he pleased, it pleased us too. Sure hope this wonderful fellow is OK. I know he is getting up in years. Any info much apprecd.

Dolly-ellen Friedman

Love to listen to Danny Stiles, but have trouble finding him during the week. He's on before 12 midnight, and I kind of miss Shirley Temple saying good night...
He should have more air time, since he doesn't seem to mind the long hours. He talks about performers who are still around, like Toni Arden (he plays her records) and Tony Martin, and I suspect that there are others still with us who like to listen to their old records.....Joni James, etc....

He needs a web site that lists his listening times....thank..

Lynn Mc Kenna Church

We are planning a home 90th birthday party for my mother-in-law on September 5th. Her name is Marie Hayes Church & she is a big fan of the big band era: The Dorsey Brothers/Benny Goodman & Glenn Miller, etc. Mom grew up in Weehawken & recalls seeing Frank Sinatra at the Paramount as a young girl.

My question is what CD/tape would best include a variety of those 40's sounds that we can play in the background at the party?

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