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December 08, 2005


Dave from Knoxville

I haven't seen it, but now I will. Thanks for the pointer.

Chris T.

Another great post, William. I finally came across "King" about a year ago and immediately incorporated a bunch of soundbytes from it into Aerial View, including the speech above. One of my favorite things is how the film captures the old Atlantic City: crumbling, seedy, nearly deserted and down on its luck. In other words, my kind of place! Dern and Nicholson are superb, with Jack especially turning in a pitch-perfect performance right up there with "The Last Detail" and "Chinatown". Bit of trivia: it's also the first film in which Scatman Crothers and Jack Nicholson appear together. Everyone knows the second film, right?

Krys O.

Chris T, of course, that's The Shining.

Never saw King Of Marvin Gardens but your description brings to mind Play Misty For Me or the works of Alan Rudolph.


I've always felt that bottle rocket (wes anderson's first movie) stole more than a little of KOMG, sans any sort of poetry rafelson actually achieved. Why more kids ignore this one is waaaaaay beyond me. Or maybe it's just too much?


King of Marvin gardens is pure 70's cinema along with Five Easy Pieces, the long Goodbye, and California Split. they just don't make movies like this anymore

Krys O.

You're right, Bruce, even the film stock has changed. I hate modern high resolution.


Nicholson's FM talkjock in KOMG was big influence on me. I still close programs with one of his lines: "Close your eyes & pretend to be asleep." (prefaced by "Until that time," from Jackie Gleason in "Soldier in the Rain." )



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