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December 09, 2005


Simon A.

Goddam, I love you for the stuff about circumcision that wasn't written by a cranky homo-erotic guy. Huh.

La Luba

Hey, AB, right on re: circumcision. Speaking as a sexually experienced woman, I prefer a man who's intact -- much more to play with... I too think it's barbaric mutilation, and I recently wrote a Cutting Manifesto for some rag out of SF called Kitchen Sink to be published in Jan/Feb. Think you may like what I've got to say. Look out for it in a couple of months at Honor the penis, love the foreskin.

Matt Cohen

Hey, lady. You're filthy but articulate, so it's kind of charming. I found you b/c of the great Mr. Boyd post from a few weeks ago. Send me an e-mail, would ya?

Matt Cohen


a good and useful blog, thanks...

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