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December 08, 2005



Great as the winners are.... I like some of the other submissions more! I vote that next time the listeners pick the winners! It'll engage us and have us feeling all important and included. Useful in March!

Jeff Jotz

Wow, all of those cool t-shirt entries and you chose a shirt that will give most kids under 10 months of nightmares and bed wetting? Why not just put some naked guy getting decapitated on your shirts if you want to make a bold statement?

No offense, but you guys haven't produced a decent t-shirt design since the Chris Ware comic back in the mid-1990s or the one with the map of Jersey City on it. That's why I always check off for a free CD, nite lite or other piece of swag than your t-shirts.


What's wrong with decapitated naked guys?

Anonymous Coward

I for one welcome our new meatball overlords.

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