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January 27, 2006



again with the captain beefheart. No complaints, but where's the obscure Zappa stuff? anybody?


Damn you, Kenny G.! That thread (the third link) should come with the warning that you are going to waste hours of your life in front of the computer checking out all the videos. And The Monks are awesome, I had never heard of them before. Here is the direct link to their video of "Boys are Boys".


A "whack of Serge Gainsbourg videos"? Shouldn't it be a "suite of Serge Gainsbourg videos" or even a "blue suite of Serge Gainsbourg videos"?


Title for Cannes video says "Coeur de Boeuf"-----nice!!!!


check this version between serge and carla bruni by an uruguayan artist!!!!!!! it´s amateur but in the video it´s so cool!!!!!!


More where that came from: Dietmar Post's and Lucia Palacio's feature-length Monks doc as video on demand stream:

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