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January 09, 2006




Thank you so much.

Dale Hazelton

Thanks, Professor, for all the research that has gone into this series. I "rediscovered" shortwave about 12 years ago when I lived in Brooklyn (a wood framed house, surprisingly decent reception). My only previous dealings with it were through one of those horrible early '70's all-band receivers that got police, shortwave, air etc,, but got none of those bands well. There really is alot to listen to, even if you can only stomach some of it for 5 minutes or so. One bit of hooey I wished I had heeded — the disestablishmentarian call to buy gold. The price is finally skyrocketing again.


They also live in fear of corporations, and in that sense can be said to be "looking out for the little guy" in a twisted ultra-right populist way. A friend of mine gave me a tape a few years ago of one of these crackpots (I think it might have been Pete Peters) ranting for a good twenty minutes about Lucent Technologies, saying that the company's name was derived from "Lucifer's Enterprise". It was hysterical in every sense of the word.

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