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January 30, 2006



KOA back in the 80s and 90s had a bumper with Paul Harvey proclaiming it "the fif-ty thou-sand watt blow-torch" with full Paul Harvey inflection. I don't know if they still use that nickname for the station, but it really does have a monster range across the West.

Taro, in Tokyo

Here in Tokyo I've been doing some unexpected AM DXing.


For the past couple weeks, I've been heard Russian coming out of my car radio which is set to "Eagle 810" of the Armed Forces Network of the United States. The “Eagle 810″ is supposed to be broadcasting from Yokota Air Base in a distant western suburb of Tokyo on the 810 kHz AM band at 50,000 watts.
But noooooo.
From what Russian I can understand, I’ve been receiving broadcasts from Primorskii Krai, the region of Siberia that includes the port city of Vladivostok. Russian Primorskii Kraii and North Korean stations broadcast on the same frequency as the Armed Forces Network. For the past month, the US radio station has been on and off the air because of an installation of a new antenna.... so voila...the Russian Eagle 810 am is on the air! ....more...


Ahh, memories. Back in my youth in Bridgeport CT in the late 70s, I would fidget with my little AM radio to pick up the Phillies baseball games on WCAU (1210 AM). They were my first baseball love. I can still sing the Rold Gold Pretzels jingle....

There would also be nights when I could pick up a French station - Montreal, perhaps.

And one Sunday afternoon this past November, while driving in Yorktown NY (northern Westchester county), I was able to pick up - loud and clear - the Oldies FM station from the Lehigh Valley PA area.

It can work with TV sometimes, too. In grad school on Long Island, I shared a house on a small hill with some other students. There were nights when tuning the UHF dial I could get stations from as far away as Maryland.

trudgemuck canuck

gotta love the pic of the GE super radio III. i just bought another one after being out of bcb dx for awhile. i look forward to flopping into the lazyboy chair one late night, setting that ample GE beast on my lap and dialing that analog into the great ether.

Listener Number 108244

The ongoing nature of these posts has me digging around for my old copies of Monitoring Times. If you think hearing three AM stations on one freq is fun, try a recipe that has had me rolling on the floor laughing, and certainly giving neighbors cause for concern regarding my sanity: I like to dx with multiple receivers = one for CB, two for SW noises like CW and PSK31, one for police, and one for AM talk radio. The coincidental results can sound like an unseen hand is trying to make a humorous cutup similar to the collected dubya gaffes WFMU graciously posts.


If one were to do DXing in the West palm Beach-Fort Lauderdale area, what would be the possibilites of reeling in international signals from, let us say, the Caribbena and Latin America? Why do I ask? Well, from what I have gathered, down here at night, on the AM dial, the whole radio is "cluttered" with hundreds of signals from across the seas, many of which are broadcasting in Spanish or Portuguese......


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