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January 19, 2006



especially for the Heratius. I am allways up for a little more "frogprog"


wow! WOW! I slap myself with joy in 7/16 prog time.
Wm, do you have that Nine Days Wonder record? It's pretty zappa-esque and silly but there is a soft spot in my heart for some parts of it (esp the dialog/skit about kippers). They're on the NWW list.


Is it safe to say that everyone knows about this blog:



whoops, I didn't see your reference to it.

tony coulter

Hey William (and everyone else),

Here are the track titles for the Heratius album, since you asked:

1. Tajmahalcoco
2. Gwendo Blues
3. Gwendo electrochoc
4. Rose Bonbon est une "O" en boite
5. M'..... Perkutard

6. Les Pelouses (en allegro)
7. Le Vieil Homme et Nephertiti
8. Intro a Blackcook

The album was recorded in 1978 and released in 1979 on Frigico Records (almost certainly their own label). Their guitarist (Armando Miralles) later collaborated with Pascal Comelade on a 7" and a ridiculously limited LP (an edition of 1!)


-- Tony Coulter


Yo Squinch: Never have heard that Nine Days Wonder record, knew it existed; thanks for the tip. Just downloaded it from 8 Days In April blog...instant satisfaction!

dave r.

re: Friendsound

yep the reissue I found was on vinyl, they had it for sale in the psych section at Mondo Kim's in NYC

has a blue cover ... I hadn't seen that white cover before ...

great project, I'll have to start checking out more of these NWW trax ...

dave - 33/45


I need to get me a premium account mit rapidshare! holy crap.
what kind of crazy futuro world do we live in where these things can be tracked down and slurped off the internet so easily?


Wow, someone needs to reissue "Samtvogel" ASAP. Can't believe I never heard this one before. Is Uberfallig as worthwhile?


Uberfallig is more than worthwhile, it's excellent.
Inasmuch as the album is "1980" to Samtvogel's "1974" production-value wise, the 2 albums are quite similar.

Mike Messenie

Good lord!! Thanks ever so much... This is an amazing collection. I very much look forward to the next installment. You should take donations! Can you send me an email next time you have a show on air or if you have any podcasts available... Thanks! MM

Loopy C

Thanks so much for this series, a real adventure. Having had the list mock me for so many years in it's obscure and rareness of releases (especially before the internet) this is real resource. An awesome contribution ;-)


Brast Burn - Debon
Karuna Khyal -Alomoni

"One of the great lost Krautrock albums of the 1970s....... a Japanese group! Brast Burn were included on the 'legendary list' that appeared on the sleeve of the debut album from Nurse With Wound, 1979's startling "Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella" (United Dairies)."


I was looking for an 1969/70 lp by a group called Friendsound, or maybe I mean Friendsong, both attempts at Googling brought me here. The one I have in mind was very spacy: Lyrics: "Waiting to die for the 17th (number could be wrong) times". Started as: "Waiting to die...waiting to die...waiting todie for the ##th time." A later chorus of same song: "You will never come down will never come will never come can never come down!" Another song was Childsong which had the (then) new idea of the sound of children playing as part of its ambience. Is my addled old ex-hippie mind making up stories that I am beleiving????


I was contacted by someone who said, "Yes, this is the album you were looking for!" Turns out I was remembering this album and the Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies The American Metaphysical Circus. Oh, well, I guess I am lucky to be remembering any of the late 60's. bye, me

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