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January 31, 2006


MacDonald Daniel

Wait a minute. Wait a dog-garned minute. A car you can remotely shut off, and they let the dude do this damage, and he gets just four years? And they want to promote the program? Am I missing something? Always thought this was a strange program.


Guy's name is Robert Osbourne.

listener colin in Toronto

"Oncoming" hasn't exactly been a hot catchphrase. Living in Canada, this is the first I heard of it. Keeping that in mind, WFMU seems to predict trends in the Northlands. I was telling people about this Toronto band Final Fantasy that I heard do a studio session on 'FMU and that was way before they hit big even in Toronto. Oh WFMU, you know us better then we knnow ourselves!


Came across this website while on a search for sites/postings critical of BNL’s t-shirt design contest. In a nutshell, this is a way for BNL to get thousands of great shirt designs for nothing for the rest of their careers. ALL entrants (not just the winner) lose all their rights to their artwork, and I’m willing to bet the finished shirt won’t show the name of the actual designer. Are BNL so hard up they can’t pay for a decent design team? I’m surprised they didn’t sponsor a “write a hit song for BNL” contest. I can just see it: write a song for BNL and everyone who enters gives up the rights to ever claim they wrote the song, and can’t ever perform it or record it. Christ, I’m surprised BNL didn’t come up with this one themselves. They might get a top 10 song out of it, plus they’d never have to write another song for the rest of their lives! Sorry to sound so bitter, but I entered a contest AND won, AND got to meet them, and they totally blew me off. I brought a copy of my winning photo, and they said NOTHING. Not one single word. I was totally devastated, and I went from being a huge fan to resenting them. And this contest shows they’ve become just as greedy as the corporations they sometimes make fun of.

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