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January 22, 2006



Wow, that sucks. That's a lot of shit!


That's a damn shame. I saw Blowfly in El Paso a couple of months ago with his new band (30-ish punk rock white dudes gone R&B). I've been a fan ever since I found a copy of "Blowflys Party" in a thrift store over a decade ago, and when I found out he was still at it I dragged as many of my lame-ass friends as I could to go check it out. He put on a killer show for just a handfull of people; fresh from his nap in the van, he sweated, cracked everyone the hell up, and gave it all he had for a good hour set. Even though his band was all set to roll out of el-asshole and put a shitty gig behind them, Clarence hung out with the fans for over an hour, shooting the shit, autographing albums and CDs, and telling interminable stories interspersed with hilarious dolemite raps and song parodies. He is a real approachble, decent guy, and he definitely has a lot of love for all kinds of people. And some of the longest fingernails I've ever seen on a man. Blame your girl's yeast infection on Blowfly.

Everybody needs to go out buy a bunch of stuff from his website so those guys can get their equipment replaced. And if you have the talents, make him a new mask, large sized, breathable, and easy to clean.


Wow, so is this like a thing now? When Blowfly performed here in Vancouver in 2005 his mask was also stolen. Why do these punk kids want to destroy the Blowfly persona? Lotta Lex Luthors out there trying to expose Superman's secret identity!

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