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January 20, 2006



I recall it was a Nova that Wendy O. took a chainsaw to when I saw the Plasmatics at Bonds Casino.

mark m.

thanks for the clips. never cared for Snyder but he had some good bands on back then. In addition to those you mentioned, it was the first place I ever saw the Clash and a very young U2.

in all fairness, the Plasmatics were entertaining in their way but unlike the others, I always thought Wendy O. and co. SUCKED musically. am I missing something?


music?, the plasmatics was not about their sucking music.
it was about the swallowing.

sid bators

"new hope for the wretched" was awesome, (in a motorhead-ish way). after that they kind of lost it. I saw that BONDS gig, and on the way back through the holland tunnel, we saw two drunk ladies in a cadillac repeatedly bounce off the tunnel walls while we followed them and heckled.
it seemed appropriate after the plasmatics.

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