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January 25, 2006


sid bators

dude, this is the dream that made me realize that symbolism in dreams is bunk: I was in a catholic church (I'm not catholic), and it was for a funeral. There was a large crowd of mourners, and I was sitting in a row of pews craning my neck to see the casket. People were very upset, and their grief was contagious.
suddenly, there was movement from the coffin. the sobbing stopped suddenly, but its echo hung in the air. then, the body began to slowly sit up in the casket. the mourners panicked and began running, but I couldn't move and sat transfixed. slowly, the former corpse was upright and began to turn and face the quickly emptying room. I still sat there, unable to look away as the corpse locked eyes with me, revealing that he was in fact...Tommy Smothers of The Smothers Brothers.

Dale Hazelton

Whenever I see that sombrero logo all I can think of is my father picking up some firecrackers for us at South of the Border around 1970, on his return trip from South Carolina where he and his two sisters all went for some new false teeth. My mother was convinced that he was sitting in a gin mill somewhere instead, and bitched about him and my aunts ("those whores") the whole time. He was back 2 days after he left with bumper stickers and the firecrackers for us kids, and a whole new way to eat corn -- no more cutting it off the cob and mashing it with a fork!

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