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January 02, 2006


Jeff T

Welcome back Ken, that BBC doc looks great. I love the old local jingles.


who is that guy in the BBC that comes in and out of the picture- when people are being interviewed? (in the shadows) FANTASTIC VIDEO- thanks


Fast forward to Highway to Hell???? My god man, they start with "Beatin' Around the Bush"!!! Skipping that is a sin. This is the real AC/DC....with Bon....there should be no skippage.



re: fyi Reichel
'play with the ferret' - its actually a badger, he uses a daxaphone, and a dax is german for badger, lots of punning going on…

Clayton Counts

I watched the stabilized Zapruder film probably fifty times yesterday and can't get it out of my mind. Now somebody needs to stabilize Dave's head in the stargate sequence from 2001. Pretty please!


as for the michael palin bit, i havent really the time to sit down and translate it word for word but it seems to be something of a coming of age story about a boy named Kenta who ahs just turned 10. It's also a bit of a linguistics story, since the boy's dillemma is that he wants to be polite and use the honorific, higher language cases talk about the act of f#&king but that doesnt exist... he keeps appealing to his father i believe.. i kind of get lost after that part and theres a sing gony part in teh middle where he calls off "north! east! south! west! sex in honorific language!" in fact that last bit seems to be the chorus of sorts as he later repreats it again after a similar call off, "spring! summer! fall! winter! sex in honorific language!"

On another note, Andy Warhol is stumbling through his basic colors, "blue, red, green..."

minoru = torihada (very strange, what does it all mean?)


Yes yes... I asked a girl in Japan what he was saying and this was her response:

"my ten year old son Kenda said to me. Dad, can you stop using respect language when you have sex with my mom? " blah blah blah...

I don't wanna continue!!
you are naughty!!!!


my bad... you see very often the subject assumed in a very off handed, abstract way that most languages care to avoid...


RE: the BBC doc. Very cool, but that long-haired guy coming into and out of the background is going to haunt me. Anybody have any clue about him?


Me too. Looks like David Crosby and he's definitely screwing around- grinning, slowly moving in and out of the shadow... and what's with the clock in the forground? The same clock showing 7:56 or so in every shot.

The Crosby/Clock conundrum is hounding me

Doris in Rego Park

re: beard guy and clock

below are excerpts of a review of the documentary. the reasoning for the clock seems good, but i'd still better about the beard guy.

"The rather quirky presentation of the documentary was also interesting. Clocks set to 7:58 adorned the sets where interviewees were sat, whilst a strange bearded man lurked in the shadows. The clocks were an interesting visual metaphor - 7:58pm being 19:58, 1958 being the year the Radiophonic Workshop was created. No doubt the bearded man was another metaphor, although a bit too clever for me."

"After writing this review, I read elsewhere what the bearded man was. Apparently he's a metaphor for the ever watchful, but usually disinterested BBC management - the people who set up the Workshop, watched it with disinterest over the years, and then closed it down without a care in the world. So there you go."

whole review here:

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