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January 05, 2006



Thanks for the fun! The Mike Love 2 & 3 seem to have broken links. At least I couldn't download them.



Same here.

Another good compilation of this type of stuff is Celebrities ... At Their Worst, a grey label release of Celebrities going off in various ways. There were some sequels as well.

Station Manager Ken

I fixed the links on those last two Mike Love tracks, sorry about that!



Is there any audio of Mike Love's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rant?


thanks for the fix ken.



If there's a volume II, I suggest Sepultura, I've heard some of their live albums at work, and their between song banter is pretty awesome.

fatty jubbo

man...that Mark E. Smith one is great. It beats his two shitty 'spoken word' albums by a mile.

Judging by the music and MES' general disorientation, this was recorded during the LUS/Levitate era...a severely underrated Fall era in my book. I have a couple bootlegs of live shows from that time...and, sheesh- I think they were at their most vital and demented at that time. And it always sounds like there's only 20 people in the audience.


That 'Nirvana Fan' clip is insane, that guy sounds possessed. Maybe it was Venom.

I seem to remember a clip posted on this blog that was some K-Rock P.R. guy going nuts while introducing a Pavement gig. That would be a worthy addition.


...maybe it was Kronos, is what I meant...


i think the MES clip is the brownies show.

Brian Turner

Yes, it's the last show with the Scanlon/Hanley era lineup, for obvious reasons.


How about that show where David Cassidy said "If I lived here I'd slash my wrists"!


i think the MES clip is the brownies show...


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fred g sanford

hey, I can't figure out this Trackback thing, at all !!!!!!!!

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