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January 23, 2006



I first saw it on a music video show that had The Cramps as co-hosts.
They brought that clip from their personal collection and insisted that they be allowed to play it.
I think it was in the mid-nineties. That might have been where lots of folks saw it for the first time.
Mohammed Rafi supplied the singing voice for most of Bollywood men for decades, an Indian friend once told me.

Blind Uncle Gaspard

Two things about this:

The DVD is widely available on mail order sites in a cheap print.
There are at least three other great songs.

1. A Beach Blanket Bingo-esque romp in the sand and waves with two beach balls held fetchingly by "Miss Kitty"

2. A beautiful duet by Miss Kitty and another character where they are "drunk" and singing, complete with hiccup duets.

3. A dream sequence where a cook in a hitler mustache, beatle wig and some kind of skirt humps statues, raps, and so much more. Flashing tiki eyes and smoke machines.

Aaargh, I love that film.

Chuck Jones

I'm pretty sure that the full song is an extra on the Ghost World DVD, unless I'm making that up, which I might be.

Jon B

Chuck's right. The full song is on the Ghost World DVD.


Incredible. Thanks for sharing.


You can also rent "Gumnaam" at NetFlix,
the DVD I received had great color...a perfect dupe!


One should also be able to find "Gumnaam" at better Indian film emporiums

Other than the famous masked dancer scene, the rest of the film is kind of dull
in that "4-hour Indian film kind of way" - the other musical scenes definitely
don't hold a candle to that first blast of masked weirdness.

We should never forget that Lata Mangeshkar (who does the girl/women voices in "Gumnaam")
is easily the most recorded pop female vocalist in history...she's sung in 'em all



Wayyyy back in the 90's in San Francisco, my girlfriend was in a band called the Heavenly Ten Stems (off-shoot of Job's Daughters/Thinking Fellers) and they performed this song (among other Western-influenced asian pop hits). Needless to say (although absolutely AMAZING!), the band did not last that long --but that's a whole 'nother story............
I do think some singles exist though.

Brian C.

What a cool clip. I was geting dizzy just watching. It's fun to recognize this tune from somebody's show(s) on fmu. I'd like to believe that every song played on fmu has as cool a video.


Ditto on the heavenly ten stems--their version was jaw-droppingly good.


a classic


WFMU had a public access show? Do any copies of that still exist?


A few years ago WFMU was offering (through the catalog of curiosities) two VHS cassettes of programming from the public access show. I believe the titles were "That's Irritainment" and "WFMU-TV." I bought both and enjoyed them mightily. You should ask someone at the station if copies are still available.

(I can't remember for the life of me if the "Jan Pehechan-ho" clip was included on either. I remember seeing the whole thing, but I could be remember seeing it on the Ghost World DVD, which I also own).


It's on Ebay as a BUY IT NOW for 10 bucks. They have 98 copies. YAY.


Breathtaking. Years ago, beset by insomnia, I staggered out to the living room to channel-surf. I had on one of the public-access channels, and suddenly, there was WFMU TV. Prior to that moment, I had been unaware of its very existence, and I still have never seen it again. I remember only two things clearly: a Subgenius spot and this landmark clip. I have always held it in my mind as "that Bollywood rock & roll number", though of course it was to be years more before I became acquainted with the term "Bollywood". Truth be told, until this week, I had occasionally wondered if I hadn't dreamed the whole experience. Watching it now, I find that it completely defies description. Thanks from a humble pop culture junkie for digging this gem up.

JM Colberg

The original movie Gumnaam is well worth the money despite it being way too long. They could have edited out about one hour of movie without ruining anything. In any case, most of the other musical numbers in the movie are equally great, especially one of the dance numbers on the beach, plus the completely out-of-control dance number that features tikki-island statues, a set that looks like it's Greek, and one of the main actresses dressed in a red devil costume. Oh, and not to forget, the main actor in that scene (as in the whole movie) spots a Hitler moustache. Now THAT is not to be missed.

X Offender

My heads still shakin' after watching this crazy great clip. Brilliant. Thanks!


I got some of the other songs from Gumnaam
wicked stuff!
esp the rain songs - a duet on the main 2 actors


I've been looking for a better quality to download and found this. Its better quality but also cropped. :( Email me if somone has a better one.


The entire video is on the Ghost World DVD - just rented it...beautiful!


another nice one by rafi


I first heard "Jan Pehechan Ho" covered by Heavenly Ten Stems and played by our own Douglas Wolk right here.

My excellent girlfriend and I put the video on after coming home from the bar the other night and tried to dance along with those groovy kids all the ay through. I'm not sure we succeeded, but it sure is fun. Give it a try.


"Jan Pehechan Ho (If we know each other... life will be easy)" is one of the most amazing songs sung by legendary Mohammed Rafi. This is an opening song/scene from a 1965 Hindi/Bollywood thriller called Gumnaam. Great movie!

There are many dance tracks like this one from mid 50s - 60s in Hindi/Indian movies. These 50+ years old songs still sound fresh to date.

About Mohd. Rafi:

Download "Jan Pehechan Ho" or all songs from the movie Gumnaam here for free:

Be sure to check out old dance tracks by another great singer "Kishore Kumar"


Thanks for the info singh, Rafi is hands down one of the smoothest voices I've heard, ever!

I looked up the kishire guy, his songs aren't as good and also his voice is like that of a constipated drunk compared to Rafi's!

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