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January 13, 2006



Thanks for the 'waka waka.' Funny, I was looking at an online text of the screenplay of The Jerk earlier today.
At my job I've been ordering and re-ordering a suburban essex county phone book for one of the big shots for now months. Anyone know what the deal is with customer serice lately? Maybe I should be taking cigarette breaks or something. I took delivery of my iMic today so will be liberating numerous things from my vinyl DVD and video into my mp3 collection.
I think my favorite part of the Jerk is the trouble with the defective oilcans.


I too tried to find "waka waka" a few weeks ago without any success. Nor could I find any audio samples of the Swedish Chef that worked and can you believe this... there seems to be no website devoted to Animal!!! "Woooman Woomann!"

Alex Maccise

Priceless! ;)

Taro, in Tokyo

WAKA? WAKA? Waka literally means 'Japanese poem' in Japanese and is a major traditional genre. But far less boring than Waka poetry, is that WAKA WAKA the key line of the most famous computer geek punctuation poem, Waka waka bang splat.

Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash / Caret at back-tick dollar dollar dash / Bang splat tick dollar under-score / Percent splat waka waka number four / Ampersand right-paren dot dot slash / Vertical-bar curly-bracket tilde tilde CRASH.

Daniel G

I thought it was spelt 'wocka'? Maybe even 'wokka'...


Navin Johnson -


Bless you Mr Flip - things are really going to start happening for you now...



Stephanie Sterling

Thanks for this! It seems like such a random thing to look for but evidently I'm not alone.


Thanks for the Waka waka! It makes everything better...

waka waka


This is perhaps the finest link I have ever encountered on the internet. Thank you, you have made my week.


Thanks so much for this. I needed to hear Waka Waka Waka one more time!

Fozzy Bear
Waka, waka!


Thank Man. I was searching for the same reason you saved me a lot of time.


With the World Cup song from Shakira now poisoning music fans everywhere, now is a great time to share this with everyone. WAKA WAKA hey!

Timmy Aymar

as stupid as it sounds, I was looking for one thing and one thing only. I found it, first try. Thanks.

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