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January 12, 2006



Here's a fave I got last year, y'all do with it what you will.

she loves you humpty
pluperfect you paperback me thrive you daytona me draftsmen you complimentary me everybody you camelot me rune you persia me dungeon you etude me



I had an idea last November to create a novel for November Novel writing month using nothing but spam content from my bulk folder in my yahoo mail account. I only ended up writing about 10,000 words (short of the 50,000 target), but I think I'm going to take that material and use it for FAWM (February Album Writing Month). I'm sure I can get 14 songs out of this abstruse shit.....


For a long time, my friend and I were receiving almost exclusively spammed snippets from The Master Key, an obscure story by L. Frank Baum.

Also, check out Greg Ng's blog dedicated to spam poetry - there's even audio!

iambic spamtameter


i save the ones where a random word starts the subject, hoping that it will sound like a personal adress. they seem to think i would personally enjoy being addressed as: mediocrity, pestilential, missive, iris, confrontation, hypochlorous, british, gaspee, automat, disdainful, bolonga, petrol, leach, stencil, and eaten.

neanderthal Imagine what diamond studded fashion must-have represent for her. noon
pompadour Lunatic to bypass this. serbia
skullduggery Truly exciting! Cleverest deals on quick remedial. conjugal

you're welcome to any of these for your art rock pseudonyms.


I have been compiling a list of "names" of spammers since March of last year. They all seem to be randomly generated, and they all adhere to the same naming convention, e.g. "Unbelievably J. Citrous," or "Clingy H. Whites." The list can be found here: http://rocket2nowhere.blogspot.com/2005/03/so-youre-ah-developing-content-rdh.html

Monty Mauricio


Henry Lowengard

I'm a collector of Nigerian 419 scam spam letters, which would make for a wonderful contrapuntal choral reading by a cast of dozens - probably the audience.

Before the days of spam, I recall performing some of the junk mail I received before an indifferent audience.

A few years ago, the website Brad Sucks put out a collection of songs inspired by and titled after spam subject lines. It's an online download release:
A little uneven, but so its the subject matter!

Krys O.

Many of us collectors of esoterica have amassed spam prose. Here is a sampling of mine:

israel vest Qnyl maybe you need this, maybe you don't

woman kneedscaulk

Marshier M. Eulogy RE:redheadedlover2 cabin


Mike Mclean stay out of my buisness harp

Here's the new body you ordered.

Mcnally Re: ham percussive

You need a refill homonculus.

fatty jubbo

If we've any hope of stemming the tide of cute-girl temper-tantrum noise rock currently infiltrating the underground, bold new strides must be made in the realm of avant-rock.

haha...you said it!


i saved one of these from a while back that made me smile, the entire email was:

let's be having you
what's up, then?


Following up on my previous comment above, I went ahead and indeed created a full album using spam content for lyrics. You may download the results here:


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