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January 03, 2006



Well, whadya know! After only just finding yr blog via Boing Boing and then subscribing, almost the first thing that shows up is Palais Schaumburg - Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt.

This was one of quite a few promo's we made back then at our (After Image) studio in Brixton. I seem to remember it was something to do with David Cunningham (of Flying Lizards & Piano Records fame) who worked along side us in the same studio complex. I think he was producing them. We'd almost forgotten all about it. Good to see it get an airing after all these years.


Liz, love Palais Schaumburg and the Neue Deutsche Welle of the 80s. I've recently been trying to fill the gaps in my ZickZack singles collection via downloads. Thanks for the post, especially the video!

DS Helder

A piece of pedantry: It wasn't so much that "its founding members barely held on" as Holger Hiller left, taking with him the core talent of the group.

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