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January 06, 2006


Rob Thornton

Don't forget some other Lovecraft-inspired tracks:

"The Old Ones" by the Bats
"Call of Ktulu" and "Thing That Should Not Be" by Metallica
"Nyarlathotep" by Burning Star Core




As I remember it, there was a Marvel supervillain modeled after (ripped off from?) Cthulu, named Chthon. Another great early 70's horror comic from Marvel was Tomb of Dracula (scripted by Marv Wolfman, penciled by Gene Conlan) which carried a moody, light-and-shadow texture with the artwork.

"Pickman's Model" was adapted for television in the early 70's, on an anthology series. I think it may have been Night Gallery, but I'm not sure.


Thanks for the comic cover blast-from-the-past. Issue #1 of Tower of Shadows featured a cover drawing by my favorite Silver Age Marvel Comics artist Jim Steranko.


Growing up a few blocks away from HP lovecraft now rests they always had a reading at his gravestire on his b day. Plus walking to pretty much most of the places he metions was also really cool.

I cant believe you did not put this link up there it's a Cthulu musical:


Don't forget the Fall!

Mark E. Smith reading the Horror in Clay:

"And he has visions of islands, heavily covered in slime
The villagers dance round pre-fabs
And laugh through twisted mouths"
- Jawbone and the Air Rifle.


Check out this recent movie adaptation. It's fantastic!


The Creepniks' lurching song "Shadow Over Elkhart".

Thee Rockhunter

The Creeping Past, "The Creeping Past"


If I'm not mistaken, I believe there's an entire Rudimentary Peni album devoted to H.P. Lovecraft...

Toren Atkinson

I wouldn't use "Yog-Sothoth" as an intro to The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Try "The Innsmouth Look," "Sounds of Tindalos" or "Shoggoths Away" - they're a little more typical of the sound.


"At The Mountains Of Madness", by White Flag


Also by the Fall, 'I Feel Voxish' on 'Perverted by Language', contains the phrase "...but it made me hungry for victuals...could not raise nor buy." - as in 'The Picture in the House'.


Micheal, there is an entire Rudimentary Peni album dedicated to Lovecraft, called "Cacophony". It's their best album. Very strange and often political in a surreal way, and their best music. Nick Blinko from RP also wrote a biographical novel called "The Primal Screamer" which has a distinct Lovecraft influence, especially the horror ending.

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Marvel comics are really unforgettable and even a new generation loving it.As an stuff in a construction and renovation companies in Finland i still adore marvel comics and i love seeing someone like you very interested in different kind comics specially the marvel one.

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