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January 31, 2006



Sorry if this is a dumb question, but if you're listening to an audio stream on a cellphone, aren't you paying for airtime?

Doesn't that quickly become prohibitively expensive?

Station Manager Ken

That's not how it works, Snarfy.

When you get a web-enabled phone or device, you pay a flat monthly fee for online access. On my Pocket PC, I pay $50 a month for unlimited nationwide broadband access. That fee does not include cellphone access. It only covers online access. Cellphone access would be an additional $40 per month. But these plans all vary.



Oh, I see now. Thanks for the explanation.


Probably been asked fifty gazillion times already, but what about setting up on XM or Sirius? Unworkable? Too much soul selling?

Also, anyone know if the internet streams work in places where you think they wouldn't - China, Cuba, Iran, etc.?

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