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January 19, 2006



Is it just me, or does Janet kinda look like Debbie D. minus the eyewear?


Wow what a great record...

She looks some kind of sexy...

from berlin - the ex-splited-city in the ex-heart of communism

lots of love 4 u work
blog.wfmu. is unbeaten the best of the best

Dale Hazelton

I was just going to ask if Ken had some Anita Bryant to post, but after all that, it seems sorta shallow....

Call Screener Jeff

Would Nico's cover of "Deutschland Uber Alles" count as folk music?

Ken Sitz

Hi Ken - Glad you're enjoying the Atomic Platters box set! We launched a companion site to CONELRAD specifically for the Atomic Platters project ( and it contains the full text of the almost 300-page book from the box set. All of the liner notes and lyrics for every tracks (both songs and PSAs) are online and we'll be adding more content (and updating the info) as time goes on. We are planning a Janet Greene podcast within the next month with additional information about her career ( There's a nice image of Janet's "Fascist Threat" sheet music that accompanies the liner notes to Poor Leftwinger:

Love WFMU and Beware of the Blog - great, great work!

Best Regards,

Ken Sitz

Ether Cannons

Hey everybody, look how cool I am... that cool, or what?

Steve Birch

But these songs make more sense in retrospect(post Venona) than they did to us liberals at the time.


she was and still is an amazing very proud and thankful to refer to here simply as grandma a.k.a."mee maw"

Alexander Kerensky

Who wrote her lyrics?

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