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January 16, 2006


William Berger

Great story, Chris. I must here confess a weakness for certain Springsteen albums myself, especially Darkness on the Edge of Town. Thanks for the courage of your convictions.

dave from Knoxville

I never met Bruce. I have seen him on several occasions (once in Nashville on the Darkness Of the Edge of Town tour, in an arena that was barely half full). I have met Don Ho! Anybody want that story? I am not sure about his affinity with the struggles of the working man.

Cazzy-The Alien Blues Dude

That was kool...Chris!
Bruce, is one helluva performer. I must say...putting his all into the concert's and as Jagger sings about ripping his heart out of his chest and throwing it on the stage...
That to me, is Bruce.


Bruce lived along the road I would drive to go to high school. I don't know if he still lives there. One day on the way home, I saw him jogging.

A lot of people I know say they've met Springsteen.

I did meet Clarence Clemons, though.

Brian C.

I never met Bruce, but once long ago had a dream that I had to impersonate him in concert. Must've been around 1983. I too had a punk rock ethos back then and Bruce was too mainstream for me, and too "Jersey" (I was at college in Buffalo). But I had read descriptions of his concerts, and I guess he had my respect.

So in my dream, in the bizarre way of dreams, I had to step in for the Boss at a concert for some reason, and I was concerned because I thought his fans might notice. Meanwhile I knew about zero songs besides Born to Run and the Nebraska LP. (The Clash was It for me). Yet somehow there was some hope I could actually lip synch for 3 hours.

But the concert never happened, I must've woken up. And I didn't meet him in the dream, either.


I'm still waiting for Bruce to invite me over sometime. If he doesn't tour this summer, I'm sure we'll hang out in Red Bank for a day or two, just shooting the shit and all.


Great story, I was there too. Bruce and Patty were standing next to us during the show. I recognized her first, Bruce was hugging her from behind and burying his head in her neck sort of hiding I guess or just being the romantic guy that he is. There were two gigantic body guards standing about ten feet behind keeping an eye on their boss. I thought it was great that he showed up. No one bugged him all night and only a handful of people recognized him but no one approached. I thought about trying shake his hand or saying something to him but, like you, I couldn't think of anything "meaningful" to say and I didn't want to bother him. I also didn't want to get stomped by his body guards if I actually reached out to tap him or his wife on the shoulder. It was great to hear him perform, that was my first Bruce "show".


Chris, I enjoyed your Bruce story,
do you have one for our new book?

Anthony A.

Until I was 13, I went to the same beach club as Springstreen. Had physically walked into him, by accident, I was carrying a skim board or something--it had obstructed my vision. The club was called Chapel Beach Club, it's in Sea Bright. People always let him do his thing. He also has a home in Rumson, blocks away from the high school I went to. So I saw him around plenty, even trick or treated at his mansion, where he hired off duty cops for the candy giving. Anyway, the strangest two things I mention about Springsteen is my English teacher who was absolutely obsessed with him. He had us read his lyrics in class and admitted that he hoped a student would introduce him. Also, my friends worked at an ice cream place in Rumson called Crazees. One of the rules for employees was that they could not stare at Bruce or Bon Jovi like they were celebrites. You'd get fired. Shit. I hated the man and the music, until I moved far away. I hear him now and I pine for the shore. The boss!


I met Bruce 2-3 times. Crossed very few words. The best moment was a party in Madrid,Spain, after an acoustic show. We had a toast.

Patrick in Seattle

I never met Bruce, but I did meet another "boss" my first summer in Seattle. I went out to a club to see a show by some band that I do not remember. I was very early. The only people in the club were me, the bartender, and Tad Doyle. Speaking of people who are larger than life. Tad has presence. And he's so very nice.

After my initial shock of seeing Tad there in front of me, I walked over to the bar. The bartender ignored me. I shot her a few glances hoping to get a "What can I get for you?" But nothing came my way. Then Tad came up behind me. Immediately the bartender asks, "Tad, what can I get you?" Instead of placing his order, Tad said in a rough voice, "I believe this fella was here before me."

Oh happy day!

It'd be nice to be at the same bar with Bruce. Great story. Thanks for sharing it.

dave in nj

I was there at the show and the party. I actually have a nice picture of bruce at the bar with you. while speaking to him, I mentioned that the last time he and I spoke face to face was at a tiny coffeehouse in new brunswick nj in 1972 I was a dj on my college radio station {wfdu fm}, he had just released his first album [greetings from asbury park]we had done a quick 5 minute interview between sets. Well now, 34 years later I almost fell on the floor when he said "yeah, the bathroom, right?" I still can't believe that after all that time he still remembered the interview he gave to a young, rookie college radio guy in a bathroom because the dressing room was too tiny and too crowded to use. I'll always respect and admire him for sticking to his beliefs and never selling out.


While I've never talked with Springsteen.

I did interview E-Street drummer Vinnie "Mad Dog" Lopez's mother over the phone shortly after Bruce & management shatz canned him...she wasn't too pleased.


at the 2004 "Warped Tour" stop in Englishtown, NJ, my then 22 & 16 yr old daughters met Bruce Springsteen, who I understand was there with his daughter and lending support to democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and voter sign-ups. he was very gracious to the kids there, mine would've gotten an autograph, but there wasn't a pen amongst the generation zzzz-er's. they snapped pictures, I think I detect Bruce sporting a fanny pack, it happens. personally, besides 2 or 3 tunes, I've always found him overrated, but I'm okay with a decent fella having success. further, as a right-winger myself, I'll let his politics slide, but I draw the line at the fanny pack


Sometime in the late 80's, I was a "Patrick's", a bar in New Brunswick, NJ. Me and some friends of mine went to see John Eddie play. We get there and we hear Bruce is there too. Having seen him play in intimate settings before, we acted very cool about it. Until my friend comes over and says that Bruce is in the bathroom. I hustle over there and approach one of the urinals. Bruce is finishing in the other one as I start at mine. Just then, the door to the bathroom flies open, and Bruce waves his arms as if to invite everyone inside. I made some lame joke about having a little privacy. He laughed, and then left. Saying I "met" him is a stretch, but I did pee next to him. Interestingly enough, my wife was there that night as well, but I didn't meet her until 1997.

Dave the Spazz

I used to be the inventory manager for an over-priced vintage clothing store in SoHo. Springsteen and his wife were regular customers and I had sporadic dealings with him. He seemed like a nice guy even though I think he's responsible for some of the worst music in the world. One time he spent thousands on WWII and Vietnam-era military clothes and accessories. I got the impression that he was building a bunker somewhere...


Pics from this show here and here; review/recap here.


During Jones' Asbury Park show in 2004, Springsteen was rehearsing with Patti's band in the Paramount. There were some nice vintage cars parked in the street in front of the theater, so I wandered over to look. Then I walked around to the other side of the theater & saw Bruce's classic Vette parked behind a fence next to the boardwalk & decided to check it out. Bruce was standing outside on the nearly deserted boardwalk chatting with two fans. There was no one else around. & I'd left my camera at Hojo's. Those two fans got their pics. I just got to say "hi" & stand there for a few minutes like a dork before Bruce excused himself because he was there "to help his wife."

Dolores Liebs

Me and some friends drove all over Rumson NJ on a hot summer day a few years ago. We were looking for Bruce's house and we had vaige (spelling ? of vaige looks weird, probably wrong) directions. Anyway after hours of driving I pulled over and said "hold on, let's get out the map" for the upteenth time. Just then this lady on a bike was riding by and I said "hi we are looking for Bruce Springsteen's house and she stopped her bike next to my car and pointed at his house and said "yea there it is". We couldn't believe it. It was just really lucky we pulled over there. You couldn't see much from the road but we were there. I know Bruce and Patty had a new home built on 100 acres somewhere in Monmouth County in 2005but I am not sure where.


I think his other crib is in Colt's Neck. I believe my friend's dad is his landscaper. I just finished listening to Nebraska, and can't get over that Suicide-ish yell on "State Trooper."

Angelo Galerio

My girlfriend 23 years ago was his neighbor, i believe it was robin road. Her son drove drunk into his mailbox and he was nice enough not to press charges. I been trying to find her in the last few yrs . wonder if she still lives there. I never saw Bruce in the 4 months i was there.


I have been to a few Bruce concerts since i first saw him in 1985. But I havent had the pleasure of meeting him in person.Me and a good friend of mine went to Freehold,NJ in 1994.It was cool to see where Bruce grew up.I hope someday i will meet Bruce.

Dianne Corsaro

Yes someone should let the Boss know that there is still price gouging going on for tickets to concerts. I went to Ticket Master to buy them for his concert in LA in April, at 10AM when they went on sale, and went from a 7min. wait to a 4min. wait to a 15min.wait? and when I finally got to the sales they were going for $145 and the seats were on another planet! How sad, and dissapointing. Dianne Corsaro

Mary Arroyo

Never met Bruce Springsteen, always got the bleacher seats. I am not delusional in thinking I will ever meet the man, but at least in concert we all get to meet the artist.

I did meet Steve Earl when he played on Mary's Street in Charleston SC. It is in a part of the city where all the artists perform.

I came very close to meeting Roy Orbison In 1987 when he played the Riviera in Chicago, but a babysitter was losing her mind because me six month old daughter cried since I left for the evening, and motherhood reluctantly, very reluctantly out ranked waiting for the big O to get to his limmo. But hearing that voice live was the most precious moment of my life, and that is something no one can ever take away.

I saw Bruce in the bleacher seats a few years ago, which was well worth it because I saw Clarence Clemons for the last time and Bruce promised he'd come back to Charleston, but so far he hasn't.

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