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January 24, 2006



Very nice. I saw these guys perform at the Rainbow in L.A. back in '76 or '77. About all I can remember was that the keyboard player wore flannel pajamas with feet onstage.


Yay! Love that sweet punky bubblegum!


Great song titles!

I remember (back in the day) reading about M 'n' C being part of that first wave of NY power punk bands, along with Talking Heads, Television, Blondie and Lance Loud's band The Mumps

I never knew M 'n' C had a legit album...will have to search it out. This live set whets the appetite.


umm... the flyer pictured states "WED: Freestone." if that is the 'Bummer Bitch' Freestone, i'd much rather hear THAT concert, thenkyew. any one have it??


I'm Ian's girlfriend. I'm really happy about the press M'n'C is getting. Did you know Ian released 3 albums after that. And recorded one unreleased album called 'Torch Songs & Arson'?


justin strauss is a god.

Abby Denson

I just found out about this band and your post came at the perfect time. I just love their sound. Yay for the blog and Milk 'n' Cookies!

Billy Caldwell

Justin Strauss is also recognized as one of the worlds best Djs. He's played everywhere from Londons Ministry of sound to NYC Roxy and he has also remixed everyone from Depeche Mode to Blondie! You can catch Justin at ASPEN on west 22nd street btwn 5 and 6th Ave every say night with ME his Dj partner for the last 3 years! hope to see some of you there!


Glad to see such a rare set by this great glam/pre new wave band emerge, just for the record the 70s invasion was the first site to post reviews of this band back in 2000, sometime not long afterwards we were sent in a writeup by a very close friend of Ian North's which can be seen in our 2nd M and C section on our page 5 along with info on the band not found anywhere else, our first section on Milk and Cookies is on page 4 , some of you know that Rpm records released a retrospective cd in '04, enjoy -


RAGS must have been the best kept secret in the N.y. underground from the early-mid 70s, they are the missing link between the N.y. DOLLS and MILK-n-COOKIES, many songs sound like Dolls demos, elsewhere they have the same exact vocal harmonies as Milk-n-Cookies, you will find reviews and info on Rags on our site + an interview with one member, and you can order these previously unreleased songs which just became available at the start of '06 -


Great to hear this set and the original version of "Girls in Gangs". Later covered by The FAST on their second album w/Donna Destri & Cherry Vanilla on backing vocals!


everyone wanted to sound like the NEw York DOlls
they were the heros of the lower east side were everyone lived-hung out
M&C's were mildly popular mostly at MAXs were they had a drink named after them
the best thing that came out of them was Jimi Destri joining BLONDIE his keyboard surf sound was just what they needed

Rock Mania Magazine

Ahoy, Milk 'n' Cookies fans!! Check out Justin Strauss' positive comments on this very awesome blog in the latest - and 1st - issue of Rock Mania magazine. Justin dishes the goodies about the Cookies in our fun, fact filled interview. PLUS we've got never-before-seen photos of the band practicing in Justin's parents basement in Long Island, recording the LP with Muff in London, onstage at the Whiskey A Go Go, and MORE!! All in glossy, FULL color splendor throughout!! Fifty-six pages total...with ten exclusively Cookies-centric.


justin strauss is my uncle


We went to CBGB's with Normie and Leona to hear M&C. We had a great time then. Justin jumped and sang and he was destined to be great

Big Tom

I worked with Mike back in '76 (ADT) and he had a dream and I see it is finally coming true, I listen - I think too much to this site and they are GOOD! My kids listen now plus I have them into the Ramones

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