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January 05, 2006



ouch. links are all broken. despair, mp3 jones goes unabated :-)

Station Manager Ken

Ugh, sorry. All the links have now been fixed.


malibu cheney

touted as the next big thing? damn, they sound like DEATHRAGE without the brady bunch references.

Blake Wallington

Oh F, Gerard Cosloy was a DJ at WFMU. That's great. Is there some sort of WFMU DJ Hall of Fame? If there was, i'd bet GC would be all up in that shit.


The Southbay Surfers were (and still are?) regulars on the Long Beach/San Pedro/OC rock club circuit in the early 1990s (especially at the now-defunct Bogart's nightclub in LB) - they were (and still are?) third-string openers for tons of local known and unknown groups...often carrying-on their performances (like troopers) in the face of boos and cries of "get off the stage"

My favorite member of the Southbay Surfers was (still is?) sax player Jokin' Joe Card (first on the left in the photo you posted above) who tended (tends?) to wander offstage randomly and out the nearest door. Jokin' Joe and other Southbay Surfers were also regular back-up for local So-Cal rock gods Lovingkindness.

I never knew they put out vinyl - if you could post "Short Shorts" that would be grand


o. Sano

South Bay Surfers...well an old pal of mine put that out and now, dare I say, infamy is on its way? That dog of a 45 rules and the pic sleeve says it all with the Olan Mills stamp on the bottom. If I am not mistaken, these gents were 'mentally challenged' which makes the entire effort much better. Well done!


Anybody know where one can get a copy of that South Bay Surfers 45 or is it long gone?

Craig Butler

With Easter coming up, is there any possibility of re-posting Robin Kahn's "Jesus Christ Superstar" performance? PLEASE?!!!!


I have been booking The South Bay Surfers for the past 5 years at my shows. They are my unofficial "house band." I love those guys!

I can get you a copy of the 45. I'll forward your email to Dave K. (lead singer) and you can buy it directly from him.


In fact, if you live in Los Angeles or near Los Angeles - be sure to check them out at their next show on Jan. 13, 2007 @ Mr. T's Bowl with the Rock n Roll Adventure Kids, Teenage Harlets, The Jinxes, and The Be Neats! They're on first. I hear that Joe Escalante from The Vandals is now in the South Bay Surfers!

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