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January 23, 2006



that's amazing. "Those last three were all homosexuals."
Pat Robertson clearly has very sensitive Gaydar.


Another link to the whole movie (it's hard to find a working copy):


Pat Robertson is a certifiable LOON. his insane hateful rhetoric should be exposed far and wide every time it leaves his mouth.

thankfully his isn't applauded on this site.... like George Galloway.
because that would be kind of embarassing, lauding the "esteemable" Mr Galloway's insane conspiracy theories and dhimmitude and then seeing him drink milk from a saucer pretending to be a cat or dance around in a leotard with Pete Burns from Dead Or Alive.


shucks. I was hoping this was something new. Shit, everyone's seen "Spin", haven't they?


Yet another link to the whole movie:


Yet another link to the whole movie:

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