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January 09, 2006


Ed Special

From the Special Ed Department Of Corrections:
Regarding the Metro Times article:
WCBN-FM is 88.3, not 89.3.
Jon Moshier's name is spelled Jon Moshier.
I never said (or would I ever say) "What keeps me going is pissing people off all the time"

Kim Scarborough

I'm a huge fan of Ed's: I grew up listening to him, and he was a huge influence on my own DJ'ing in Ann Arbor and Chicago. I'm pretty sure I put up the very first web page containing his work (now located here).


By the way, there is artwork for The Story Of The Naivete, so that you can make your very own CD. You can get it from my blog. I was at WCBN myself for a while, and one of my brightest moments there was when the next DJ came in after I had done an overnight collage fill-in, and told me that he thought I was Ed Special when he had turned on his car radio.


Could someone tell me what is the album Special Ed is using with the Googler and Gaggler material?

Ed Special

Googler and Gagler and the two Christmas babies
by Carl Sandburg

Listener Colin

Always grateful when Ed gets media exposure, thanks Ken.

People might like to know that the way we did bits of this show involved Ed and I trading random phrases back and forth from various LPs in two different studios, hard to do when you haven't heard what you're going to be playing and you're laughing the entire time. Ed's Christmas shows are an indelible and memorable part of my teenage years.

One Christmas show I helped host in homage to Ed featured a 12-hour loop of the Chipmunks' 'Christmas, Christmas time is here' song, which was alternately hellish and hilarious in two-hour increments.

Ed Special

Listener Colin is former fellow radio artist Colin and also Yax Haxley on "The Story Of The Naivete" CD.
Colin, Kim Scarborough and I had done several shows together at WCBN as "The Sultans Of Segue" and I will try to post some of them to this comments section soon. Or contact me at [email protected] if nothing shows up by Monday.
Hear is an updated Julia Child recipe
And the link to a 33 minute sample of Special Ed Xmas Chipmunk torturial is
And speaking of the chipmunks song, there is a rather excellent remix, Chipmunks Mash-Up by Patton Oswalt.

Ed Special

"And a merry Xmas to you and yours"
This always sounded perversely suggestive to me as a child.
Was Santa genuinely concerned with the gratificational well-being of my privates?
Did he really see everything I did? If so, why did I still get presents?
And how did he get into our house? We had no chimney.
I'm still suspicious of the guy.

Anyway, here is an update of sorts for you. Because if you are reading this, then you certainly have been a bad boy or girl ... or whatever.

1. The link to the 33 minute Chipmunks Xmas torturial is

2. The Story Of The Naivete (tracks and CD art) is still available (FREE) on Lukas' BOTH KINDS OF MUSIC blog

3. Special Ed Xmas 2005 (6 hours/5 discs)
Special Ed Xmas 2005 DISC 1 parts
Special Ed Xmas 2005 DISC 2 parts
Special Ed Xmas 2005 DISC 3 parts
Special Ed Xmas 2005 DISC 4 parts
Special Ed Xmas 2005 DISC 5 parts
Thank you

Rob Weisberg

Ed did a magnificent six hour Jingle Bells marathon on WCBN Christmas morning (12am-6am) 2007 - though not archived I'm afraid. But you can grab those xmas 2005 discs (see below) - thanks Ed!

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