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January 26, 2006


Listener Colin

I've been looking for this for forever - thanks Kenny!


Huge thanks for this! Most fascinating and amusing. Also very poignant and touching to see the John Peel footage introducing what was to be the final session featuring that great version of "I Can Hear The Grass Grow".

Smith certainly has something alright... I wish I could charm and pull the women he has!


i'm on a mac - it claimed quicktime couldn't play this avi. any other programs to try?

Kenny G.

You need the VLC player to play an .avi on a mac:


Man, I downloaded that damn vlc (for mac) and I still can't download this thing.
Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.


i cant play it on windows xp and i have divx 5, wm player 10, nero showtime, etc..??

Kenny G.

Now c'mon kids. You can figure out how to download a .torrent file but can't figure out how to play it? Don't make sense. You already did the hard part!

At any rate, I dunno. The .torrent is drawing from the same file source (Grey Lodge). It worked gorgeously for me on OSX. If the file corrupted, you might want to contact Grey Lodge and ask them for tech support.


i had an older copy of vlc... the newest one now plays it fine. thanks-uh!


Mark E Smith has a face only a mother could love.

Mad Madison

Peel and The Fall


OK, I for one can't do the hard part - how the hell do you download a torrent file?


thankyou so much really loads of love

Lee Griffin

Guys and gals, check out Steve Trafford's new band Tycoons Follies.

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