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January 06, 2006



I am laughing so f---ing hard about your comment on my cinnamon girl,aka Nancy Sinatra, I am having trouble writing this. The bad hair day is Monkey Mona. You are correct about the wolf, it is a dildo prod, an anal one for the dancer. It is comments like this that give that one erotic page about 2500 hits a day. Thanks from your kinky off the wall friend. Gonzo, Send me some erotic photos of yourself, and I will make you famous.


Well, I must say...your figurines are very nicely done and look quite realistic at times.

However, I wouldn't want to think of the possibility of one of those figurines being Nancy Sinatra? I know someone who was friends with ole blue eyes himself...and let me tell you right here and now, Mr. Gonzo...Frank would have raised holy hell if he knew that you were doing some naked figurines of his beloved daughter, whom he called affectionately..."Chicken". Be glad that Frank has passed away awhile ago, my friend. Just telling you in a friendly way. Not trying to be mean or anything...just telling you the truth. Ok?


Cazzy, When I created this figure, it never occured to me that it looked like Nancy Sinatra. It was done as a girl I knew from high school. She was pleased that I still thought of her as looking that good. It must be the boots or hair, that millions of girls wore that way in 1965. If you look at the page on my site of her, she is called "The Cinnamon Girl" With a story about her. Amanda seemed to think she resembled Nancy. Besides Nancy would probably see it as a compliment, as this figure has a kick ass body. So do not link my art with Frank Sinatra, or his family. Frank liked the girls also, look at Mia Farrow. He must have been a pretty open free thinker.I guess Amanda saw something I did not see at the time. I am going to do a figure of Amanda also. You can leave a comment on that article too, stating what you would like her to be, or look like. Maybe Twiggy or Martha Raye, who the hell knows.

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