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January 13, 2006



I am TOTALLY buying a Hugo Chavez doll from ebay. Thanks Amanda!


Marie Claire had a feature on men that prefers the Real Doll. It was a trip to see these 2 guys pictured with their dolls. That article was an eye opener.
A lot of men and a few women do prefer these doll substitutes than an actual human being. Who can blame them? Disease, a lot of drama etc. can put you off.
Anyway, the basic Real Doll starts at $5,000.00 and continues to climb up with every upgrade that you want.
I was websurfing and saw a unique site that blowed up all their inflatable love dolls called www.blowmeupsexdolls.com. It was interesting to examine and see the dolls faces and anatomy up close. The dolls were not "Real Dolls" because of their lower prices but I guess anyone who don't have $5,000.00 lying around can still get a playmate.

Doll Lover

This site blow me up sex dolls is sooooo cool, finally someone took the time to show dolls out side the retail box. Highly recommended site!!


Those silicone dolls are nice and really expensive, there is a web site that teaches people how to make there own dolls for really cheap. www.makerealsextoys.com you got to check this site out.

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