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January 24, 2006



Just astonishing. The unbridled arrogance of these corporate pimps. First, selling us at best ersatz programming (which is repeated over and over ad nauseum), then seeking to restrict our ability to record it? These evil fucks should be downright FLATTERED that anyone would want to record their largely insipid, shitty content. In fact, THEY should be paying US to view the slop. The only way I've found to make their excrement palatable is to sample it, remix it, vivisect it, reformulate it into something actually COMPELLING, something meaningful, at least to my sensoria (your mileage may vary).

But then, man, what will I do if I can't have the opportunity to watch the remake of Starsky and Hutch over and over and over.....Lately the only tv listing that's given me any hope (albeit a false one) is "Pauly Shore is Dead." (but not in a neat, syllogistic concrete reality sort of way, the one that might provide some satisfaction).


I just posted an update to today's hearing on the Broadcast and Audio Flag. You can find it here:

For the record, although the libraries and the EFF were critical parties, Public Knowledge financed and coordinated the case against the FCC that struck down the broadcast flag.


And i still keep wondering about the flipside of the coin. All those great CDs i bought; that i heard of first on WFMU! From a commercial point of view music on radio is like an ongoing free commercial. Free to the record industry that is.
Ohh... Forget it... It gives me a headache.


Why doesn't the electronic industry stand up for itself? It has many times the revenue of those entertainment industry losers. Surely they can afford some lawyers/lobbyists.


Oh, I forgot that Sony is one of the biggest entertainment companies there is.

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