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January 29, 2006



Thanks so much for posting this stuff - totally fascinating and fantastic. I've spent a fair amount of time in Russia and Eastern Europe but have never come across this music or any sort of contemporary legacy there. Really great.


Another good source for Ukrainian music is UMKA. They're based in Kyiv and you pay basically Ukrainian prices for CDs through them. The times I've bought through them, I've found their service excellent.


Terrific, tho Milton Resnick certainly belongs on your list as well...


In response to "Since army service lasted 25 years in the old Soviet Union..."

Thankfully it was just 2 years (3 - in the navy). You probably refer to the XIX century. But anyway thanks for the post.


Hey Andrew, thanks for catching that, I corrected it now. Of course I meant the service in the Tsarist army. I am actually not sure whether the soldier's song is really that old (the service time was cut down to 20 years in 1834), but I guess there are enough reasons to be depressed, even if the army service is only 2 years...


yes, the foa-hoka song is from the times that old. it's great you posted this. that was a really great time for ukrainian underground and i'm pretty sure that a lot of this stuff deserves much more wide exposure. and early nineties Svitlana Okhrimenko's records especially!


Absolutely wonderful! After listening to this music I definitely intend to delve deeper into the Ukrainian underground. Thanks ever so much for posting these files!


you should totally check out the Lviv (one of Ukraine's provinces/oblas'ts) music scene. Lviv has the richest music scene in the country for sure. Okean Elzy (Elza's Ocean), Plach Yeremii (The Cries of Jeremia), Pikardiys'ka Tercija (Pikardia Third).
Some non-Lviv groups like the very famous Vopli Vidoplasova (or simply VV), some hip-hop stuff like TNMK, VYZV, 5'nizza etc.

Plach Eremii - Vona (Her)

TNMK - Zroby Meni Hip-Hop (Do Me The Hip-Hop)

Vopli Vidopliasova - Svit (World)
VV - L'ubov (Love)
VV - Vesna (Spring)
VV - Osin' (Fall)

Okean Elzy - Bez Boyu (Without A Fight)
O. E. - Kvitka (Flower)

Sorry haha.

I'm not about all this shit. MAKET

Sergey Myasoedov

Good job done Lucas. But.. Guido Erfen never had a study in Kharkov. He did visit this city 2 times during preparation of this compilation for What so funny about label in 1991 and 1992 years via my personal invitation. Liner notes were made by my mate Igor Trushkin. But thing is that COVER of compilation and all the design was made by Guido Erfen... Maket - I know what you mean. Bless you. Sergey Myasoedov

atsuko s

Dear Sergei

A Happy Happy New Year!

atsuko(remember who?)

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