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January 30, 2006



Amazing. This is the voice over trailer for the Francis E. Dec biopic coming to a remote control eye radio near you.

fatty jubbo


I work at a movie theatre and I have to endure this dreadful delivery with every "Sony Pictures Classics" piece of shit that rolls through. This is going to go on loop for intermissions.


I think my brain just melted.

Tratamento de Piscinas

Good Blog! I am made an impression.

Although I to use the translation of google to read.

They could do an automatic version in others linguagens of this blog?

Sory my poor english

Simon A.

I laughed 'til I puked. Just a little.

This is crying out for a mash-up of cheesy instrumental background music and sound effects.


someone played it earlier this week! I think monday night - but it was great to hear again

tye lee chi

Id love to have the text of this voice over. where can one find such a find???


Jason Cobill

The script is available from, here's the link:
Apparently they only read through 6 of the 22 pages in the audio clip. It goes forever.


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