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January 24, 2006


Ed Word

We are all Dev2.0

Thats so great, the slightly changed lyrics, the videos...

And I thought hearing Beautiful World in a car commercial was going to be the high point of my life.


I'm guessing no "Penetration of the Centerfold" then...


I have a feeling this DEV2.0 will be releasing an album on June 6 of this year. Whilst viewing their site, this date just kind of popped into my head (06/06/06)!


This was an excellent idea that was poorly executed. Disney didn't have the guts to have normal or even ugly kids fill the roles. And Nicole sucks on vocals.


Things like this are terrifying, and along the lines of mentioning them:


It makes perfect sense. The spud boys now have truly de-volved, splitting into two different mutants:
--The middle aged Devo re-union band
--Devo 2.0, which swaps Mark's unique voice for the devolved sound of an average girl singer...

At least give her a Booji boy mask to even everything out....

Saskatoon Dave

What I love is the slightly changed "Uncontrollable Urge". Instead of "Yeah yeah yeah yeah ..." it's now "Yah yah yah yah ..." which makes the kids sound German and the song sound kinda threatening. German kids singing Devo: I'd buy that cd.

Rich Anderson

Good news: Two new songs (Cyclops sounds awesome, by the way) and DEVO providing the real backing tracks.

Bad news: De-subversified lyrics. Nicole can't bloody sing.

At least Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers doesn't suck.

Jeff T

I like the vocals! Two new Devo tracks!

Clyde Frog

The backing tracks are uninspired, even though DEVO plays them. They're squashed flat, devoid of life. The front-kids can't sing. They sound like playground chatter. All in all, a truly DEVO effort. How unfortunate that DEVO itself participated. Is this self-recursive ultimate DEVO, a mirror looking at itself in the back of a darkened refrigerator? Or is it "Oh shit I'm 60 - better pile up some money to pay for my new hips?"


The nice thing about being Devo is that you can the de-evolution philosophy to anything, and the crasser, the better. So Devo can sell "Whip It" for a Swiffer ad and pretend that they're actually subverting the medium of television commercials. Or they can hire a Radio Disney-friendly preteen lineup to sing and mime to their songs, and they can pretend that it's more than an easy money grab. Either way, geeks like us get to add layers of philsophy and meaning that may not actually exist.


don't forget the changed lyrics:

"It's a beautiful world, for you, not me"


"It's a beautiful world, for you, and me"

rotten ralph

i wonder if disney realizes that devo has an extremely pessimistic view on life. i don't know about you but i personally don't want any teenie boppers screwing up the music of one of my all time favorite bands...

Holla back

Yo DEVO is a good band! I wanted to have my own Rock band for VERY LONG and i CAN'T even play my guitar! Do any1 of you know where theyr on tour or something?

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