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January 05, 2006


useles eater

Animal Collective=yawn!! Animal Collective is like what XTC was to college-radio DJ's back in the 1980s or what Olivia Tremor Control was to college-radio DJ's in the 90s, just boring giddy-white pop. It seems that WFMU is turning into a nice little college-radio station rather than being free-form. Keep on playing Animal Collective, all that over-produced DFA pop-radio stuff, Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade......all of it's going to end up for 1 cents on ebay in two years time anyway. Just the same way Pavement and Guided By Voices and all that crap from the 90s is now either for 1 cents at ebay or is in the dumpsters. WFMU should be free-form not conformed.

Mike Lupica

Everybody, follow me to the Dumbo Hut!!

more useless

Funny, the people over at I Love Music blog are currently yammering on how FMU is so obscure and DOESN'T play beloved indie icons like Arcade Fire. So you pick one thing out out of 30 things NOT found on traditional coll-radio you hate, and feel the need to condemn the station? What a fucking loser with a capital "F".


It was really only one person at ILM saying FMU is too obscure! Everyone ganged up on the guy and seemingly chased him away.

Mayumi K.

i admit I never thought that animal collective were the bee's knees or worth the tremendous hype. to me they do sound like a more wacky Oliva Tremor Control but without the ability to play their instruments as good as the OTC. i also agree that WFMU should cut down a bit on the LCD Soundsystem and some of that other FM alternative-radio stuff that occassionally seems to make it to the heavy play lists at WFMU. after all, last week i heard LCD Soundsystem being played inside the GAP here in NYC. it's very MTV2 friendly type music, if you know what i mean. by the way, don't ask me what i was doing in THE GAP, in the first place.

Brian Turner

I was so annoyed when I heard Drunks With Guns' "Wonderful Subdivision" in Taco Bell, I'm going to do something about that. I'm going to write a letter. And they will receive that letter. And they won't like it.


James of LCD Soundsystem seems to be a very pop oriented and radio friendly guy. After all he worked with Janet Jackson and Britney Spears already, that's not exactly very cool. I consider James and anything to be produced by DFA to be very a part of the Hollywood-private-party-scene, what the private-party-scene and American journalists who write for Spin this is so very cool. The same scene that praises Kayne West, the NERD productions, Moby, Beck, Air, MIA, anything on Astralwerks, and so on. The DFA production team quickly sold itself to that scene (they just sold everything to Astralwerk anyway), so they are all in one group to me and I don't listen to any music from those over-hyped Spin magazine favs because the music is just is so very lightweight and such digital junk.

And this James guy from DFA also seems like a very pushy buisness person too, just like all those other pop-stars. Just ask DFA1979 in Toronto and they will tell you how friendly and cool this 39 year old buisnessman from LCD Soundsystem is. He seems to be a pushy old bastard.

I do get a bit upset when I hear a DJ on WFMU playing some DFA produced stuff, especially LCD Soundsystem. When I listen to Goodstien's show I enjoy every second of it but then when he plays something so awful like "Tribulations" by LCD Soundsystem I get sick and I just don't understand it. I usually lower the volume when something like that comes on. That song makes me sick and the video is even worse. As a DJ to play LCD Soundsystem or some of that other DFA produced stuff, you are playing really over-produced music that Spin and Britney Spears are fans of, just remember that. There is MUCH MORE new interesting and cooler music being made in the world in the underground scenes that is worth playing over this over-hyped and almost dead stuff. I hope this makes some sense.


If you need proof and you want to get sick, go listen to Tim and James' (both of DFA) produced Britney Spears at's "i love music" forum. There you will hear the three (Tim, James, and Britney) great masters of shopping-mall-disco come together to create a masterpiece of pop with the DFA slick FM friendly over-produced stamp of apporval. I'm sorry but I prefer my disco dirty.


let's face it. nothing is cool anymore. an honest days fun is an honest days suck. todd tamanend clark rules.

jesus i'm rollin wit you

britney spears and aphex twin are the same music.

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