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January 25, 2006


Harry Rose

Gee Ken,

Thanks for the great tunes. This is the kind of stuff Andy should have on his i-pod. He would be a better person for it.

Please note that the link to Dr. Domestic's Physical B is actually a redundant link to Time and Space.

I know this cannot be a mistake, such things are impossible at WFMU. You're just messing with us, aren't you?


This is excellent, I'm able to replace my poor quality version of the awesome Time and Space I taped from Ken's show some years back.

Any chance of putting the Astro Steel Orchestra "Happy Living" LP up? I love the "Theme to Happy Living" that is in the downloads section.


Dooits is my favourite and I haven't even listened to any of the others yet.


oh my- "doopee" is our household word for our three year old's BM's...


I wonder if Yann is related to electronic musician Isao Tomita. I know Tomita is a fairly common surname but it got me thinking.

Listener Colin

The Doopee Time record alone has 20 tracks (with a version of Caroline, No):

So this is most of the Doopee Time record and some of the Dooits! EP - both credited to the Doopees.

Just being a discographical freak. Thanks Ken!


Re "doopee" and BM: "Dupa" is Polish for "ass". My Ukrainian grandma who went to Polish schools as a child always called baby butts doopees.


No, Isao Tomita is not related to Yann Tomita, though Yann once remixed a Boredoms cover of Isao Tomita's classic "Jungle Taitei" theme (and added a lot of synths to it)

Yann is related to Pardon Kimura.

Notice the teen girl in the photos isn't not identified as either of the doopees.

The Astro Age Happy Living album had a boy doopee and girl doopee both with Japanese accents.

Yann and members of Buffalo Daughter have collaborated since at least the Havana Exotica days.

Susie Kim showed up on a Yoshinori Sunahara (ex-Denki Groove) single in 1998


The Sunahara song that Susie Kim does vocals on is Sony Romantic Electro Wave off of his Take Off and Landing album. Her vocals are processed extra thick on it, but it doesn't take away from the fact that it's a gorgeous song (Sunahara's best IMO). It's nothing like the Doopees at all. Sunahara's music is aimed towards the "chillout" crowd. I didn't know it was released as a single, but I guess I'm not too surprised.

If that's not Kim in the photos, then I'd love to see a photo of her somewhere.


Yann's new album is comin' up in May!!!
And, new Doopees album in July!!!
Maybe 8 years blank? Amazing!


As for "8 years blank" remember that there were Pardon Kimura releases from time to time.

Oh, the boy Doopie on "Happy Living" (by Astro Age Steel Orchestra) was called Sun Cage as I recall.

One presumes the girl is Susie Kim but she's never been identified as either Doopee.

Rumor has it is the girl was a teen model from Hawaii.

It is sort of curious the Doopees is entirely in English but never saw an overseas release.

The Sunahara single was called "708090" and sumguy is right, the track first appeared on the easier to find "Take Off and Landing" album. I guess what's notable about the single is an alternate version of "Sun Song '80" where (ex-Sunsetz) Sandii's voice is nice and clear (formerly it was all processed with effects)

I've heard mention of only Caroline Novac working on the new projects but I've not been keeping up.


Yann Tomita has also done some spot remixes/production
THere's a Cymbals remix and a Boredoms rework .

oh, and Hi Nick


Strange and amazing, thank you!


I'm looking for Caroline, No from this album. My kids used to play this so much it got ruined and now I only see the doopeetime cd for $40. Please let me know!

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