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February 15, 2006




Listener John

If anyone's interested, the movie "X Files: I want to believe" (2008) makes reference to Soviet experiments with transplanting the heads of dogs.

There's a good chance that more people have watched "Experiments in the Revival of Organisms" because they read about it here than went to see "X Files: I want to believe" in the theaters.

It's not a bad movie . . .

Listener John

Station Manager Ken writes: "Did those crazed Stalinist Frankensteins then follow up that stunt by surgically creating a two headed dog in 1954?"

Might that event have inspired Roky Erickson's famous song "Two-Headed Dog?" You know it . . . the one with the lines "Two-headed dog, two-headed dog / You'll be working in the Kremlin with a two-headed dog?"

Just a thought . . .


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john l. mccowen

the Russian dog head experiment can be found in an issue of life magazine... the whole episode ... photos and all...nothing new here !

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