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February 19, 2006



amazing! thank you for this post - it made my day..


"Stalin, Friend, Comrade"



Tentakel is orginally by the movie soundtrack of "Das unsichtbare visier" an Agentmovie/serie with Armin Müller Stahl. the serie was very successful as i know. the whole record is very fine!

check out the great big beat band SPUTNIKS!


This is very cool. Reminds me of this book:

Adam Goldsztejn

wunderbar! now if you can find the main title song for heisser sommer i'll be in himmel.



a wonderful weblog! Sie haben sich sehr viel Mühe gegeben, sehr schöne Sachen verlinkt, und ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder! Danke!

Anthony A.

A good bit about an East German punk band. From the killfromtheheart page.

andy horn

You may be interested to know that my former partner and I made a movie about film musicals made by the Communists. It's called EAST SIDE STORY. You can get it on DVD.

P-E Fronning

"Das ist IFA Wartburg. Die berühmteste und am besten klingende Popgruppe in der zivilisierten Welt."


Here is a medley of the songs on their album:


Where can I find the main song of "Flotter Osten"? Thanks!

David Cox

Lovely site.

Have a look at my work on my blog and feel free to use whatever you like, link to anything. Its all CC.


Tom Smith

Outstanding post, comrades. Well done, as always.

The three-disc DFA sci-fi box is endlessly rewarding, by the by.

Your Droog,

Tom Smith


Love this post & everything about the DDR. If you wanna see, how I think about BRD & DDR, download my video (A Duke618 Video - Dj Ossi - In The DDR:


Mister Jellyfish

Inspired by the DDR and this amazing blog, we have created a theme camp at Burning Man 2007 of a GDR satellite sent into space in 1974 to do oven mitt research for the good of the communist people. Dig it at

Does anybody have more of that great GDR music and audio? We'd love to play it 24/7... IN SPACE!


Very nice site. I've been using it thoroughly for my German V/AP class. Thanks for the hard work, it's very much appreciated!

Bill Hartman

Audio Visual


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