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February 13, 2006



The flag worship link is bad.

It sounds interesting; can you fix it?

I love these AM posts...I've enjoyed every one. A real educational experience, and your comments are enlightening.

To answer the question: how much Christian propaganda can you take? Lots and lots! Those jokers are hilarious!


Yes, xristian propaganda is chock full of innuendoes and allusions to unsavory things and is so much fun to cut up and re-engineer into collages capable of splitting your gut oh the hilarity

Chris T.

The red radio pictured - the Tecsun BCL-2000 - is also available as the Grundig/Eton S350. Tecsun is a Chinese OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) whose products are sold under various nameplates. The Tecsun BCL-3000 is basically the same radio as the Grundig/Eton S350DL, which I've had the pleasure of using. Quite a nice radio with lots of AM/Shortwave features - but one glaring drawback (IMHO): no presets. My current shortwave radio is the Eton E10 (roughly equal to the Tecsun PL-350), which allows for a staggering 550 presets plus handy features like direct entry keying, etc.


Well, I hope you're happy, Mein Professor. I contacted WBCQ about doing a program. Up until recently I was doing a noise/experimental show on a pirate station in San Francisco, and logistical problems aside (like not having broadcast equipment of my own), I figure it's worth a shot.

Dale Hazelton

One of my favorite BCQ programs was "Pocket Calculator, " just some guys discussing old technology like Swatch watches, early Walkmans etc. They'd go on technological excavations on Canal street and record the whole experience, something that sadly can never happen on that strip of Manhattan again. I also look forward to Alan Weiner's Friday night show so I can hear Jay from Mt. Kisco call in. At first I thought he was funny, but now I just feel sorry for him....someone financially/mentally caught between a rock and a hard place. By the by, does that Tecsun/Eton radio have SSB or a BFO switch?

Dale Hazelton

Forgot to attach this link. It's worth checking out:


Thanks for posting the recordings! I also have a Tecsun R-912 at the low end of my shortwave radio collection.

I live in California and recently posted in WBCQ's reception reports forum that reception after about 0200 UTC is not possible out here. Some have suggested that this could be a winter propagation issue. Primarily I've been looking at 7415 khz, near the 31 meter band, which does not offer the best reception on the west coast. Anyway I hope my WBCQ reception improves as I have only sampled a small number of their shows so far.


I've really enjoyed reading the series here, prompted me to break out the old SW radios. Also my return ride from work is in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, when the conditions look right, I'll scan the AM band, the more odd or faraway the better. I was surprised to learn that a Cuban staion was overpowering WWOR where we're at, in fact now I prefer it. Years ago, when working at the then new terminals A, B & C at Newark Airport, we were all pretty fascinated by the air traffic and listened on these Radio Shack AM/air radios that cost ten or twenty bucks and worked off a single 9 volt battery.

The Professor

That's great Sherilyn! I hope you get a show on WBCQ. Seems like shortwave would be a great venue for a noise/experimental program.


Good luck Sherilyn! As soon as you know the day, time, title of your program, please let *us* know! Yours would be the first noise-experimental program on WBCQ or anywhere on shortwave as far as I know.


Uh, I stand corrected. There's a noise-experimental program on WBCQ right now as I type, and it sounds amazing on shortwave! According to the schedule it's on every Friday 6:30 to 7:00 pm (Eastern) on 7415 kHz.

It's called "W.D.C.D. - a Wanton Display of Control & Disruption". Their website is

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